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Yu Yu Hakusho Collab Releases Yusuke's Iconic Jacket

By Evan Valentine,


Yu Yu Hakusho recently released a new OVA that featured the return of everyone's favorite anime spirit detectives . Despite not creating new stories featuring the likes of Yusuke Urameshi , Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei for quite some time, the shonen series remains a beloved franchise for those who explored it. Now, an outlet known as ANIXROSS has created the very jacket that Yusuke Urameshi wore a number of times in the series, though getting your hands on this attire might be tricky.

The Yu Yu Hakusho anime began with Yusuke Urameshi finding himself in a scenario that far too many isekai heroes have encountered, aka dying in a traffic accident and being reborn in a sticky situation. Given a new lease on life, if he agreed to become a spirit detective and fight against supernatural threats, the shonen protagonist would go on to be joined by his high school rival Kuwabara, demon fox Kurama, and pint-sized nightmare Hiei when it came to his task. While the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho , Yoshihiro Togashi , spends his time working on Hunter x Hunter's manga, the mangaka has taken opportunities to feature the spirit detectives that helped put him on the map.

Yu Yu Hakusho Drip

Yu Yu Hakusho has seen the spirit detectives wear a number of different fits throughout . With sagas like the Dark Tournament Arc, Black Chapter Arc, Spirit Detective Arc, and Saga of The Makai Tournament presenting new challenges for Yusuke and his crew, so to have they had new looks based on the scenarios. While AXINROSS has forged a new jacket for one of Yusuke's stylish looks, getting your hands on this classic attire might be tricky if you're outside of China:

The biggest project for this shonen universe on the horizon is most likely the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho . Starring the likes of Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison, Kanata Hongo, and Shuehi Uesugi as Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara respectively, the streaming service has yet to reveal a release date or any footage for the live-action series. Yu Yu Hakusho's first foray into the realm of live-action isn't the only one for Netflix as projects like One Piece, Mobile Suit: Gundam , and Avatar The Last Airbender are also in the works.

What was your favorite fit from Yu Yu Hakusho ? Do you think we'll ever see a sequel to the series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the spirit detectives.

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