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My Hero Academia: Bakugo Actor Breaks Silence on Dynamight's Apology

By Megan Peters,


My Hero Academia season 6 has been on a roll since it dropped last year, and the anime is now winding down the outing. After our heroes were pitted against Shigaraki in a devastating raid, all eyes were on Deku this half of season 6. My Hero Academia saw the boy strike out alone to protect his loved ones, but Class 1-A finally got Izuku back this past week with help from Bakugo. And now, the actor behind Dynamight is speaking out about the big moment.

For those who are caught up with My Hero Academia season 6, you will know the anime's latest episode was intense. The update checked in on Class 1-A after they managed to track down their vigilante friend, and Bakugo led the charge. The groups ended up warring as Deku tried to escape into the city alone, but his classmates put their all on the line to reached him. In the end, Iida managed to stop Deku long enough for Bakugo to talk sense into his rival, and the emotional moment left voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto just as proud as fans.

Recently, the Japanese actor posted an entry on his Line Blog, and it was there he nodded to My Hero Academia episode 136. It was there he said the excitement surrounding season 6 hasn't stopped as the show's next two episodes will be big ones. Okamoto also said the episode's use of "You Say Run", one of the anime's most famous scores, was unfair. It made the episode climax even more emotional, and while episode 136 was certainly shocking thanks to Bakugo's apology, My Hero Academia will make us cry even more with next week's episode.

As you can imagine, Okamoto faced quite the challenge voicing Bakugo in My Hero Academia season 6 . The hero has undergone a lot, and at this point, no other My Hero Academia character has experienced a redemption arc as intense as his. From childhood friend to bully and rival, Bakugo has been many different things to Izuku. The impending war has now dialed up the relationship even more, leaving Bakugo and Izuku where they started as friends. And if you were to ask fans, Okamoto absolutely nailed Bakugo's apology with his performance.

Soon, it will be time for season 6 of My Hero Academia to tackle the scene once more. The show has dubs across the world, and the English edition has been championed by fans since day one. Clifford Chapin oversees Bakugo's voice in the English dub, and their turn to tackle this big season 6 scene is just around the corner.

How do you feel My Hero Academia handled Bakugo's big scene...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB .

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