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Toddler Is Very Against Uncle’s PDA With Girlfriend

By Jacqueline Burt Cote,


Toddlers can get very particular about the way they want the world around them to be, and that can extend to the behavior of the people in it. If they had their way, most toddlers would totally control what their family members did, and let's just say there would be lots of treats being doled out, for one thing.

The toddler in this absolutely adorable video from @adonis.j.b has one very strong preference regarding how the people around him behave, and it has to do with PDA: public displays of affection. Specifically, this toddler is against PDA between his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend...though a closer look at the video shows that jealousy might be a motivating factor.

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Uh-oh, somebody has a crush on somebody else's GF! You just go over here, uncle, nobody needs to be dealing with you right now. Keep that hand to yourself. It's so cute how toddlers can get so possessive of the people they like. Once you belong to a toddler, you can belong to no one else.

Commenters were highly amused by this love triangle, with commenter @cincy1969 noting, "I just don't get the impression he gonna wanna be the Ring-bearer at Unc's wedding." One thing's for sure, he would be thrilled to have his uncle's girlfriend join the family permanently!

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