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Tennessee Titans’ Biggest Needs on NFL Free Agency Day Two

By Tyler Rowland,


The Tennessee Titans have signed two players so far, but still have a lot of questions to answer on the roster. While there are many areas to address, some positions of need stand out more than others.

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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans made two signings in the first 24 hours of NFL free agency. First, Andre Dillard was brought over to play on the offensive line. Second, Luke Gifford was signed to add depth to the linebacker group. While there is plenty of time for the Titans to add to the roster, neither of the signings so far gave a true answer to some of the biggest needs on the team.

The Dillard signing does give us one answer, the Titans see him as a starter. The question is at what position. Yes, Dillard came into the league as a left tackle and has played most of his career snaps at tackle, but he also dabble in some guard work during his time in Philadelphia. There is some potential that Dillard could kick inside and play guard as well. After all, a three-year contract worth nearly $10 million per season is in line with a starting guard’s salary in this market. So, at least a sliver of a mystery remains with the Titans’ true intentions.

The signing of Gifford is all about realistic optimism. Gifford has been a special teams-only player from most of his four-year career, but there is some potential he could help the defense with the ability to get increased opportunities. However, seeing that Gifford has 954 special teams snaps compared to only 74 snaps on defense, it’s hard to believe the Titans are filling a starting linebacker role with this signing.

The Titans could still make a signing at any position and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. That is actually a sad commentary on the shape of the roster, but it is still true. Meaning all positions are eligible to get reinforcements, but some of the positions are a much greater need.

Offensive Line

The Titans next signing on the offensive line might give us some more clarity on a couple of positions. If the Titans sign a player who we know for certain will play on the inside or at tackle, the pieces will start to be easier to put together on the offensive line puzzle. For the time being, regardless of what the Titans think positionally about their offensive line, they need more help. The Titans could use another starting-level offense lineman in free agency. Add in two highly-drafted rookies in April and you might have a decent unit.

Wide Receiver

The Titans need an injection of speed into the offensive group. A fact head coach Mike Vrabel admitted this offseason. The answer to that is clearly with a younger player, most likely from the draft, but there is speed to be had in free agency as well. The Titans have Treylon Burks and Kyle Philips going into their second seasons after both dealt with injuries that limited their rookie campaigns. Outside of that, the Titans have no viable talent currently on the roster.

No wide receivers were signed on day one of free agency in what was quite the shock. This was believed to be a poor group talent-wise for a free agent class and the teams are acting accordingly. This should only help the Titans get a better bargain on a receiver. The Titans need some depth with speed, but they don’t need to break the bank with this free agent group. Look for the Titans to add a mid-tier option that can check that box.


The Titans may have brought in a linebacker as one of the two moves they have actually made, but it did not address the need at linebacker in a way the Titans could consider the position settled. Gifford is more than likely going to be what he has been throughout his career, a special teams contributor. While it is fair to be optimistic, after losing David Long to the Miami Dolphins, the Titans cannot move forward in their offseason thinking Monty Rice and Gifford are a starting pair of linebackers. At least one will need to be added. Yes, it could come in the NFL Draft, but to rely on a rookie to add to the duo above and call that your starting rotation, seems incredibly risky.

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