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Man Shows off the ‘Wildest Escalade That Money Can Buy’

By Jarret Hendrickson,


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What luxury SUVs like Escalade lack in gas milage , they make up for in how many cool features they come with...

And as this video from TikTok user @forrestsautoreviews demonstrates, Escalades' latest offering is no exception...

Here's what the internet had to say about this one.

Commenting on that unmistakable engine sound was TikTok user @josebeltran624 who wrote, “The mics don't do it justice. We build those where I work at and they sound so much better in person.” To which TikTok user @forrestsautoreviews responded in agreement when they wrote, “Yep. The pops were so loud my microphone was distorting even with the -20db pad turned on…My mind was blown.”

While TikTok user @c_ma1020 had a personal story to air in the comments section when they wrote, “So nice until you crush your glass into your garage and can’t get the spoiler because GM isn’t making them right now. Body shop stories LOL.”  To which TikTok user @forrestsautoreviews replied with, “Haha yeah that was too specific to not be a personal experience LOL.”

And TikTok user @zacojam wanted to know, “How was the cabin volume?”

With TikTok user @forrestsautoreviews letting them know when they posted their reply, “In V mode, it’s LOUD. Even inside. In touring mode it’s as quiet as you expect an Escalade to be.”

And TikTok user @andrewgaldys_ commented on the Escalades’ price tag and how even though it’s quite expensive, it’s worth it, “Once you guys actually sit in one you’ll realize why it’s so much.”

Well what do you think? Is that a wild Escalade or what?

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