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Cameron Sutton Will Be among 'Toughest' Lions on Field

By John Maakaron,


Noah Strackbein shares what Cam Sutton will bring to the Detroit Lions.

Noah Strackbein of All Steelers answered five questions about new Detroit Lions cornerback Cameron Sutton.

1.) What are the Lions getting in new cornerback Cameron Sutton?

Noah Strackbein: The Lions are getting a very underrated, versatile cornerback. Sutton fits all schemes and positions. During his time in Pittsburgh, he worked on the outside and inside, and as a dime backer and safety -- and excelled at all of them. For the last six years, players, coaches and front office staff have raved that when Sutton was on the field, he was the smartest player out there. And, after last season, it appears he's still got more to show.

2.) How should the Lions best utilize him, based on his skill set?

Strackbein: The best thing about Sutton is being able to use him across the field. Detroit should look to take advantage of his inside and outside capabilities. He's a starting outside corner, but if the Lions need someone to play the slot or nickel and don't have a better option, Sutton is a great answer to the problem.

Detroit Lions new cornerback Cameron Sutton

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3.) What are his biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Strackbein: Sutton's biggest strength is his football IQ. There's never a scheme that he doesn't understand or a position he can't learn. He's played them all, and has done well at all of them. As for his weaknesses, he's not the most athletic player on the field, and it'll hold him back from time to time. Really, though, he was able to keep players like Ja'Marr Chase in check on the outside, so it hasn't shown to be detrimental.

4.) How would you rate his grittiness and toughness?

Strackbein: 10/10. I've seen Sutton during the hardest losses as a Steeler , and he's taken all of them with the outlook to improve. He's fought through injuries, including a groin that certainly lingered throughout the season. But, you wouldn't have known that from watching him. He's one of the toughest players the Lions will have on the field.

5.) What is something Lions fans may not know about the 28-year-old defensive back?

Strackbein: He's simply a great person. Sutton has always been my favorite player in the locker room. He's kind to everyone, always makes sure he has time for people and is always trying to better himself. I know that fellow media members, the Steelers staff and myself are sad to see him go, because of our interactions with him over the years.

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