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Pro Chef Shares 'Fast and Hard' Way to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

By Mandi Jacewicz,


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If you love finding new ways to eat your eggs, you're going to love this very speedy idea. TikTok creator @ kellyscleankitchen shows us how to prepare them in less than 30 seconds. We’d love to eat this dish with a slice of buttery sourdough right now!

This method will give you a fluffy scramble in under a minute. So you won’t have to wait to devour them.

What an effortless way to start the day. She explains that there are two ways to make scrambled eggs, low and slow or fast and hard. She’s going for fast and first she’s cracking her eggs into a bowl with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Then it's time to whisk them thoroughly, and she stresses the importance of getting plenty of air into the mixture. She’s using a nonstick pan on medium-high heat and she's checked it with a splash of water to make sure it's sizzling before adding the eggs. Once they're inside the pan, she pulls them in from the edges and moves them around rapidly, and for only about 20 seconds total. She advises us we want to remove them from the pan just before they're completely done. This way, they will finish cooking away from the heat and remain nice and tender. Sounds good to us!

The audience had a few questions. Viewer @WylieCoyote commented, “Looks fantastic, glad to see you didn't overcook the eggs.” She prepared them perfectly. Viewer @JeffDonofrio said, “You make it look so easy! But I mess it up every time lol. Thanks for the lesson!” She definitely makes this look painless. Viewer @user9280025672184 commented, “Fast & soft. The key is pulling them off the heat at the right time so they remain soft & don’t overcook. The difference is the curd size-not softness.” Excellent point.

We can’t wait to try this method. It’s perfect for those days when you just don’t have a minute to spare.

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