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Trojan Horse: China Using Shipping Cranes to Spy on Us?

By Nik Rajkovic,


Following the Chinese spy balloon, U.S. officials are trying to figure out what other ways the communist party is tracking us.

According to the Wall Street Journal , here are new concerns over Chinese-made cranes operating at U.S. ports. Retired General Jack Keane told Fox News he's not surprised.

"China is conducting the most comprehensive penetration of the United States in our history. Certainly, surveillance is one of those goals. We saw spy balloons and we had huge trouble in how to deal with that effectively."

The White House ordered the Transportation and Defense Departments to look into the cranes. China calls it "paranoia-driven" and potentially disruptive to trade.

For as much as we worry about China stealing U.S. technology, Keane they've invested heavily in creating their own.

"The ASPI's critical technology tracker is saying that China is rapidly becoming the world's super power in terms of science and technology," he says.

"They track 44 advanced technologies. China is leading in 37 of them."

Keane added the top ten research institutes in the world are all currently in China.
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