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New Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster Teases Luigi's Role

By Marc Deschamps,


Just a few hours ago , a new poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie released online, and now a second one has also been revealed. While the previous poster featured Mario, this second one puts Luigi in the spotlight. The poor younger brother has found himself the captive of a pack of Shy Guys, as a familiar castle looms in the background. It's a great image, and it really captures the cowardly personality of the character when compared to Mario. Of course, Luigi has proven capable of great courage in the games, but whether we'll see that in the movie is anyone's guess!

The new poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie can be found embedded below.

When Princess Peach first appeared in the original Super Mario Bros. for NES, she was depicted as a "damsel in distress" archetype. In the years since, the princess has gotten a lot of chances to grow out of that role, starting with Super Mario Bros. 2 . Everything shown from The Super Mario Bros. Movie thus far seems to indicate that we won't actually see her held hostage by Bowser; instead Luigi will be the one that Mario must rescue. That actually makes a lot of sense, and Luigi's growth in the film could serve well for a spin-off movie based on Luigi's Mansion .

In the movie, Luigi will be portrayed by actor Charlie Day , while Mario is being voiced by Chris Pratt. While it took fans a while to warm up to Pratt's take on Mario, Day's Luigi was a much easier sell. In It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , Day is basically an over-the-top cartoon character, and his vocal mannerisms seem like a perfect fit for Luigi. It remains to be seen how much Day will get to cut loose as Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie , but hopefully the movie will give the character a good amount of time in the spotlight! Fans can find out when the movie releases on April 7th!

Are you looking forward to The Super Mario Bros. Movie ? What do you think of this new poster for the film? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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