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Gigi Dolin Shows Nasty Bruise From Where Jacy Jayne Stomped Her Face

By Connor Casey,


This week's NXT saw what was left of Toxic Attraction implode as Jacy Jayne ruthlessly attacked Gigi Dolin following a talk show segment on Bayley's "Ding Dong! Hello!" show. The exclamation point came whe Hayne tossed Golin into the doorframe in the middle of the show's set, then stomped on her face. Dolin was left with a nasty bruise after the attack and shared it on social media.

While Toxic Attraction effectively ran the NXT Women's Division since the start of the 2.0 era, cracks started to form after Mandy Rose lost the NXT Women's Championship and was suddenly released by the WWE back in December. Dolin and Jayne then tried to target the new champion, Roxanne Perez, only for both to come up short at NXT Vengeance Day this past weekend. As for Rose, she continued to share her side of the story following her release on this week's The Sessions with Renee Paquette.

"I went into work like a normal Tuesday for TV. I was told that the title match that was supposed to happen down the line, at Vengeance Day was when it was supposed to maybe happen, but that was all up in the air. That's the only news I got as far as the future. It was said that we were going to actually do the match tonight. It was around like, two o'clock or something when I was told," Rose said ( h/t ) while describing her final day at NXT before dropping the title to Perez.

"Right away, I had the inclination that something was up because everyone has treated me so great at NXT. I had a great relationship with Shawn Michaels, the writers, the producers, everyone. So I was never kept out of the loop either, you know, being a champion for 413 days. I was in the loop with everything. I didn't really have many surprises like that. So it was very like, wait, did I do something? What's going on? Obviously, I had some inclination because of what was going on on social media and what was going on the night before. It came from Shawn Michaels himself, so obviously I knew it was coming from the head of creative in that sense so I knew that I didn't really have to go and try to seek other answers even though I wanted other answers. But at that moment, I had to do my job and get planning our match and everything else that we had to do that night," she continued. "It was weird. At that moment, I felt like I was focused. I always loved working with Roxanne. We had a good relationship. It actually went smooth the rest of the day. But in my mind, obviously, I didn't sell it. I didn't show it. I was like, this is so messed up, like, what is going on? I had multiple people coming up to me like, what is going on?"

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