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17 Times In-Laws Stepped Wayyy Out Of Line And Made The Most Unhinged Decisions Ever

By Liz Richardson,


1. This person's father-in-law who *tried* searching for his married son's ex on Facebook:
r/oldpeoplefacebook / Via

2. This brother-in-law and his girlfriend who thought they should automatically get all the leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal they didn't even make:
u/Mad_Hatter_9 / Via

3. This mother-in-law who visited unannounced and stayed for a whole month — and then left things all over the house, like a bunch of dishes in the sink...
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via

...used dental flossers...
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via

...empty toilet paper holders...
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via

...whatever that is on the stove...
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via

...and SIGH — I THINK that's a toilet seat, so I'll let you guess what that might be:
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via

4. This mother-in-law who had COVID and didn't tell the entire family while she was with them:
u/Stricky92 / Via

5. This father-in-law — AND his friends — who sends his son-in-law these early morning "motivational" group texts:

6. This mother-in-law who refused to get a flu shot in order to meet her newborn grandchild — and decided to share her ~expertise~ on vaccines instead:
u/rscarson / Via

7. This person whose sister-in-law lives with them, uses their things, and always leaves her in-law's Peleton like this:
u/JBaNaNaS187 / Via

8. This person's mother-in-law who eats ONE bite of a new banana every morning then leaves the rest "in case anyone wants one":
u/Username_Used / Via

9. This mother-in-law who gave her daughter-in-law a gift card to a yarn store — then got mad when she used it to knit a blanket as a gift for her:
u/queentruty / Via

10. This husband whose wife got him a nice pie for his birthday — and then the brother-in-law came over and decided to help himself to a big slice because he "didn't know what it was for":
u/look_ima_frog / Via

11. This grandmother-in-law who used this person's favorite mug to store grease:
u/mobius153 / Via

12. This mother-in-law who was upset her son and his wife's baby wasn't named after her:
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via

13. This mother-in-law who ~often~ sends urgent texts like these:
u/Haunting_Spot_8002 / Via

14. These parents-in-law who do this to the nonstick cookware every time they come over:
u/eddrriley / Via

15. This ex-mother-in-law who's upset her daughter-in-law kicked out her son for cheating:
u/problyfake / Via
u/problyfake / Via
u/problyfake / Via
u/problyfake / Via

16. This brother-in-law who thinks it's OK to flick his cigarette ash inside his in-law's car:
u/OnI_BArIX / Via

17. And finally, this mother-in-law who sent this text after her adult child moved away with their family:
u/iam_rvxiii / Via

WELL. What's the wildest or most unhinged thing your in-laws have done? Let us know in the comments below.

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