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Colorado Springs, CO
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In spite of two big cold snaps, winter-time temps pretty close to average

By Alan Rose,


Let's face it...Southern Colorado winters can be brutal!

But they can also be pretty nice, like today.

Overall, February it seems has gotten off to a pretty nice start, but those two cold spells that we saw back in December and January may be skewing your view on how cold this winter has actually been.

Both Arctic blasts sent temperature tumbling to below zero a total of three times in Colorado Springs and six times in Pueblo.

This matches what we saw all of last winter (December to February). KOAA weather
Average Number of Days Below Zero

As for the coldest this season...that happened back on December 22, 2022.

On that day, we hit -10°F at the Colorado Springs Airport, and -15°F at the Pueblo Airport. KOAA weather
Coldest Temperature this Season — Colorado Springs & Pueblo

Now let's look at the average daily temperature...

This is based on each day's high and low, and through the 6th of the month, our current average now sits at 33.3° in the Springs and 31.2° in Pueblo.

Again, thanks to a relatively warm start to February, we're slightly above average in Colorado Springs, but slightly below it in Pueblo. KOAA weather
Winter Temperature Recap — Colorado Springs & Pueblo

Lastly, let's share the latest temperature outlook for this month from the Climate Prediction Center. It shows the potential for above average temperatures over the eastern half of the U.S., while the West Coast is likely to remain chilly.

Locally, this does include most of Colorado's I-25 corridor, the mountains and mountain valleys within the state. Climate Prediction Center
February's U.S. Temperature Outlook

Tired of the cold yet?

Not to worry as the potential for sub-zero weather drops off dramatically in March thanks to longer days and higher sun angles.

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