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Harry Styles’ Backup Dancers Are Explaining How They Had To Dance With A Malfunctioning Grammy Stage

By Angelica Martinez,


I think it's pretty safe to say that Sunday was a very eventful night for Harry Styles . On top of taking home one of the biggest awards at the Grammys Album of the Year — it's been revealed that there was a pretty major malfunction during his performance of "As It Was" during the ceremony.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

In TikToks shared by two of Harry's backup dancers, they explained that the rotating stage the group performed on was actually moving the opposite direction it was supposed to. Harry and his dancers were then forced to troubleshoot in real time and rework the routine live on air.

You can read more about what went down here.


One dancer said that the original routine "was different than anything most of us had ever done before. It was frustrating and it was difficult making those patterns while something was moving, and having all this spatial awareness, and working together with people you've never met before. It was a wild challenge."
Timothy Norris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

She went on to explain that they tried to get the technician's attention subtly while perfoming, but unfortunately it got lost in translation.

the way he was signalling them that it didn’t go the right way and that there were technical difficulties and the look on his face like😞😣☹️

@goldenrryhrry 11:35 PM - 06 Feb 2023

Harry received a fair amount of criticism for his performance, notably that he seemed nervous and off-key. If had to rework a whole routine LIVE in front of some of the most talented musicians in the world, it would've been a lot more obvious.

this harry styles performance

@exiletosaturn 02:23 AM - 06 Feb 2023

Harry styles was just fine in his performance?? Maybe a bit more nervous than usual but nothing like y'all are saying here, such a reach. It was beautiful.

@HarryPromote 03:00 AM - 06 Feb 2023

Since then, fans have taken to social media to applaud Harry and his dancers for their ~the show must go on~ attitude:
@shanbun_ / TikTok / Via
@sleevynicks / TikTok / Via
@ainix00 / TikTok / Via
@melindabrown79 / TikTok / Via
@cococalifornia / TikTok / Via

Say what you want about Harry or his Grammy wins this weekend, but he and his dancers handled that malfunction like pros, all things considered. I think the performance was pretty good ~as it was~.

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