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Kyrie Irving Drops Major Truth Bomb On His Relationship With Kevin Durant After Shocking Trade Request

By Nico Martinez,


Kyrie reveals his current standing with Kevin Durant.

Credit: Fadeaway World

In 2019, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant lit the basketball world on fire by joining forces on the Brooklyn Nets. On paper, the duo was one of the best in the league, and they played like it in the games they shared on the court.

Sadly, the saga was neverending in Brooklyn, and a series of events and misfortunes dommed Irving's tenure with the franchise just a few years after he signed.

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In Dallas, Kyrie has the chance to build something new and establish a culture for his team alongside one of the top young players in the game, and it will be interesting to see how this experience works out for him.

Kyrie Irving Gets Real On What Went Wrong In Brooklyn

But when you look back on his partnership with Durant, everything was going great at first, too, before disaster struck. According to Irving himself, it was the constant uncertainty about his future that ultimately led to his departure.

"...I gotta look out for my family and ultimately I want to be at peace every time I come in to work rather than things hanging over my head or wondering what people think about me in the building or whether or not a report is gonna come out tomorrow that I don't talk to my teammates which is untrue. I just felt like being in New York City, the media capital of the world, it was so many things that leaked out that I didn't even know where they came from. I'm answering things that I don't deserve that ultimately I don't pay attention to that much."

On his relationship with Durant, Irving did not specify how he felt about the trade itself. But he did confirm he and his former teammate are still cool with each other.

"We came together in 2018-19, kinda when that Finals happened, we weren't planning what team to go to but we just had goals together and it wasn't just as a duo. We were seeing ourselves as savants in the culture that we wanted to teach the youngins and we got some young guys that were willing to sacrifice... but it just didn't work out. We still remain brothers, but it is a business at the end of the day."

Irving seems to have already moved on from the Nets and has shifted his entire focus to helping the Mavericks achieve their goals this season. As for Durant , he has been eerily silent in all of this.

Besides ignoring reporters after Monday's game, he has not made any formal statement.

One has to think he'll have to come out and say something soon, but it's anyone's guess what his next move will be at this point in time.

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