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Why Apples And Nut Butter Is A Great Snack For Long-Term Fat Loss Over 40

By Faith Geiger,


Figuring out which snacks to eat can be one of the hardest parts of maintaining a healthy diet that can help you lose weight . Especially as we age and our metabolism slows, the things we choose to nourish our body with are very important–and unfortunately, many of the most popular snacks out there are highly processed and terrible choices if you’re trying to slim down. Luckily, though, there are many healthy options that can help tide you over between meals without holding you back from your weight loss goals.

To discover an expert-approved snack, we spoke to Joanna Wen, certified weight loss coach and founder of Spices & Greens . She told us that her go-to choice is apple slices and nut butter because it’s ultra-satiating without packing in the calories. Learn more below!

Apples and nut butter

Few pairings make us feel as nostalgic for moments of after-school-snack-bliss as some good old apple slices and peanut butter. And according to Wen, this tried and true snack is also one of the best options when it comes to sustainable weight loss. She says that apples and some nut butter (whether that’s almond or peanut butter) is always a good choice.

One of the biggest reasons this is such a great weight loss-friendly food is the fact that it can keep you satiated for a good amount of time after you eat it–and that means you’re less likely to dig into more snacks between meals, which is one major culprit of slowed weight loss. “Apples are a great source of dietary fiber and nutrients, and when combined with the protein-rich nut butter this snack can keep you feeling full for several hours,” she says.

In addition to keeping you full, though, apples can also help keep your sweet tooth at bay. “Apples are also one of the best fruits for curbing your sugar cravings, as they contain pectin which can reduce the blood sugar spike that leads to increased fat storage.” Nice! That means it’ll be easier to stay away from all those sugary, processed snacks that can make weight loss difficult for those of us who frequently crave a sweet treat.

But the benefits don’t stop there; it’s also worth noting that this is a fairly low-calorie snack. “Apples contribute to a low-calorie intake but still give the feeling of being satisfied; not just physically but mentally as well,” Wen notes. And this is all while providing your body with a ton of the nutrients it needs to thrive: “Apples also contain vitamins and antioxidants to aid in boosting your metabolism, both helpful in any weight loss plan,” she concludes.

So, there you have it: a healthy snack doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. It can be as simple as slicing up some fruit and pairing it with your favorite nut butter. Yum!

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