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New bill could repeal lowrider cruising in California

By Ciara Encinas,


Low riders are one step closer to decriminalizing cruising.

After years of fighting to repeal the ban in National City, our local assembly member David Alvarez introduced AB 436 .

The bill would repeal cruising bans in the State of California.

"I'm about to take you for a cruise down Highland Avenue," said Marisa Rosales as she recalled what it was like to cruise the street.

Cruising was Rosales' Sunday ritual in the 1990s. She said being behind the wheel of her 1949 Hudson is therapeutic.

"Like, it takes you away. Like, all the worries of life go away," said Rosales.

Her passion was taken away in 1992 when National City banned cruising.

"I'm about to turn around and go back up the boulevard again. Now, if I get seen doing that two more times, then I risk getting in trouble," she explained while driving down the street.

In the '90s cruising got a bad reputation.

"It was very sad because now how are we going to express our culture," she said.

Rosales said at the time, low riders were told it wasn't them. Instead, it was the crowds they attracted. She said it was frustrating.

"In the 90s, they were causing a lot of crimes, assaults, fights between rival gangs," said Rosales

Rosales says times have changed.

So, she and the United Lowrider Coalition started the work to repeal the ban and bring cruising back after the pandemic.

They made progress when National City temporarily lifted the ban, but the coalition decided against continuing them when the city asked them to pay thousands of dollars in fees.

Despite the setback, they continued their fight.

"I think abolishing this discriminatory law is the right thing to do," said Rosales.

Now, assembly Bill 436 is on the table.

"I don't know if it's excitement or anxiety - because we worked so hard to get to this point," she said.

She said it would mean not just low riders but all car enthusiasts could practice their culture without the fear of getting in trouble.

"It's time. It's way overdue," said Rosales.

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