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Jujutsu Kaisen Set Up Megumi's Big Twist in the Start

By Megan Peters,


Jujutsu Kaisen can be downright nasty when it wants. Over the years, creator Gege Akutami has made fans fall for his heroes only to tear them apart, and readers now cling to those who remain. Of course, no heroes can touch Yuji's gang when it comes to popularity, and that is why the series' latest cliffhanger has the fandom pressed. Akutami dropped a bombshell about Megumi this week, and it looks like the creator set up the twist way back in the day.

For those who aren't caught up with the ordeal, we have chapter 212 of Jujutsu Kaisen to thank. As you would know if you are caught up, the manga answers the question about Tsumiki's true identity before dropping a mind-blowing twist. Before the update ends, Sukuna takes over Yuji's body and forces himself into Megumi to claim his new vessel. This move left fans shocked as you can imagine, but Akutami hinted this was coming forever ago.

As you can see above, a slew of artwork done by Akutami hints at Megumi's future under Sukuna's rule. In one shot, we can see a frog summon wearing the curse's marks, and that is not all. Other art has shown Sukuna's hands closing around Megumi as if to hold the boy hostage. Even the series' Takeo illustration hints at a coming feud between Megumi and Gojo given the latter's desire to seal Sukuna. We know the curse isn't going down without help from Gojo, and if Sukuna has taken hold of Megumi's body, there is no way the pair are avoiding a throwdown.

Of course, the manga itself has dropped hints about Sukuna's obsession with Megumi. We have known about his interest since day one, but Sukuna has outright told Megumi to live on as "there's something I need you to do." All of these crumbs came together to form a devious plot twist that changed Jujutsu Kaisen entirely. And now, the question remains whether Yuji's squad will make it out of the series alive...!

Did this Jujutsu Kaisen twist take you by surprise...? Do you think Megumi will find his way out of this mess? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB .

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