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31 Of The Absolute Funniest Tweets By Women So Far In 2023

By Alice Lahoda,


Wowee, time sure flies when you're barely surviving late-stage capitalism! Now that it's February, let's look back on the best tweets by women in January 2023!!

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This is such bollocks. 41 years ago two irresponsible people had unprotected sex and now I have to get up in the dark and go to work.

@k8_lister 07:32 AM - 16 Jan 2023


I went on a date with a girl and we ran into her friend and she was like “just you two tonight? omg girls night!!!”

@itsmegangraves 03:53 PM - 20 Jan 2023


I want to kill this

@Amy_Corp 08:48 PM - 21 Jan 2023


Yet another friend has been struck down by teenage pregnancy. We're almost in our thirties but still...

@krystlezara 05:43 PM - 13 Jan 2023


Yes modernity is failing us but think about how far we’ve come. When Netflix was just delivering DVDs in the mail I shared an account with my dad that he monopolized by renting an animated French art film about cycling that he didn’t return for an entire year

@EmmaYourFriend 05:05 PM - 21 Jan 2023


you want me to find a husband? The person who is statistically most likely to murder me?

@roastmalone_ 06:18 AM - 15 Jan 2023


Prepping my dad to meet my non-binary friend I cannot breathe at his response

@TessaPaisa 06:53 PM - 24 Jan 2023


The song “Work Bitch” by Britney Spears is the most powerful performance enhancing workout tool I’m aware of. It should be banned from the Olympics.

@maevedunigan 12:26 AM - 10 Jan 2023


Was in Paris on Friday night and a handsome French man was flirting with me and I asked him what his name was and he said (very Frenchly) “Ah you will be disappointed” and I thought what a silly thing to say and then he said “it is Kevin” and you know what? I was disappointed.

@mollyEatsTofu 01:03 PM - 15 Jan 2023


people who wake up at 5 am love to talk about how productive their day was but forget to mention the psychotic episode they have around 6pm

@jaxajueny 03:39 PM - 30 Jan 2023


parents get so bent up when you claim to love your pet like a child but the fact is i love my dog a lot more than some of your dads loved you.

@missmayn 07:52 PM - 10 Jan 2023


Every time I see this picture I feel a level of rage I can only describe as “misogyny but for men”

@kathbarbadoro 02:47 PM - 25 Jan 2023


Y’all, I told my daughter to put socks on her reborn doll & she gon say “ you can’t tell people how to take care of they kids “ 😂 I really don’t know how much longer I can do this 😭😭😭😭

@nyooxo 08:21 PM - 30 Dec 2022


ppl rlly don’t drop money on the floor like they used to

@f8the 07:56 PM - 05 Jan 2023


Just saw a terf claim trans women "don't know what it's like to be the daughter when a son is wanted" and BABE I got NEWS

@NightlingBug 03:27 PM - 10 Jan 2023


POV: you’ve just walked into any given writers room in the 1990s

@emily_murnane 09:29 PM - 12 Jan 2023


Matthew Broderick: Life moves pretty fast ...Vin Diesel: And sometimes it moves pretty furious.Together: Coming to a theater near you-Movie Exec: Get out.

@everywhereist 03:22 AM - 03 Jan 2023


if you’re craving intimacy, they’re still doing those brain-scraping covid tests at the hospital.

@silkyjumbo 01:32 PM - 25 Jan 2023


rhinoplasty, lip filler, cheek implants, chin implant, jaw shave, brow bone reduction, buccal fat removal, botox and eye lift, skin bleaching

@Malibubarbarian 06:59 PM - 13 Jan 2023


3-year-old is skipping around singing “it’s me hi I’m the problem it’s me” and honestly it is so validating.

@missmulrooney 06:40 PM - 31 Jan 2023


crazy how dudes can hold back tears for a lifetime but cum in 30 seconds

@soogz1 01:23 PM - 27 Jan 2023


startup idea - instagram, but it only shows you photos from people you follow and in chronological order

@jaiyagill 03:38 PM - 30 Jan 2023


They just asked me to make an excel document at work, omg they’re onto me 😭

@TheLexGabrielle 06:03 PM - 19 Jan 2023


I’m sorry I was late I was watching things get crushed by a hydraulic press.

@HollyBallantine 04:29 AM - 28 Jan 2023


my pregnant friend was shopping once and a strange woman put a hand on my friend's belly so my friend put a hand on her boob

@NicoleCLindsay 04:20 PM - 26 Jan 2023


Love how you all are missing your 23 year old selves. I was 23 last year and I would shoot her with a gun

@yikingtons 11:12 PM - 27 Jan 2023


when i was a kid the height of sophistication was when a restaurant would drop like two of these in with the check

@cryingbaseball 10:28 PM - 28 Jan 2023


If I call my apartment my "house" and you correct me, you a hater fr 😭

@rissRASTAA 06:40 AM - 16 Jan 2023


5’9 but identify as 6’1. Not here for a hookup but totally will. Women, fish & babies fear me. Like bad boys? I’m bad @ everything! (that’s sarcasm) Find me in the gym looking for my Pam. Love air, food & competing. My dog has mommy issues. Don’t be ugly. Ask if u wanna know more

@omgskr 10:48 PM - 19 Jan 2023


“It’s not that deep” I’ll kill you with my bare hands

@jaxajueny 07:57 AM - 15 Jan 2023


i already messed up… 2024 my year for sure

@Noorthevirgo 05:01 AM - 01 Jan 2023

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