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Vladimir Putin's Soldiers Starving In Ukraine, Surviving On Only 'Instant Noodles' & Potatoes Cooked On 'Rockets'

By Connor Surmonte,


Vladimir Putin ’s forces are starving in Ukraine and are forced to survive on only potatoes, onions and instant noodles cooked using the back ends of rockets, has learned.

In a surprising development to come as Russia’s death toll recently surpassed 500,000 , one Russian soldier spoke out to reveal the Russian military’s food situation has not changed even 12 months after first invading Ukraine in February 2022.

Even more shocking was recently released footage of a Russian battlefield kitchen that indicated Putin’s soldiers are struggling to survive as their options for food and nutrients are severely limited.

That is the revelation shared by one Russian soldier named Sedoy who recently spoke to the pro-Kremlin news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets to speak openly about the poor food conditions he and his fellow soldiers suffer in Ukraine, according to Daily Star .

“On the 'rocket' we fried potatoes with meat,” Sedoy explained, referring to a makeshift and “bizarre pot-belly stove” created using components from rockets.

“It turned out all fried and very tasty, and so the choice of dishes is not particularly great: pasta with stew, buckwheat with meat, stewed potatoes with meat – provided of course if there is an opportunity to get the meat,” he continued. “There is no time for cooking, you cannot be distracted.”

“We take canned food, instant noodles, porridge in jars, something that can be heated on gas burners or small stoves,” Sedoy explained further. “Tea, coffee, chocolates, bread, mayonnaise - products for five days.”

“We try not to gain too much, we have to carry something on ourselves.”

According to Sedoy, the “rocket” burner is used by Russian soldiers because it ignites “strongly” and causes fire to break out of it “like from an aircraft engine”.

He also revealed most of Putin’s troops try to hold barbecues when it is a soldier’s birthday, although more often than not the soldiers can only find enough provisions to make a salad.

As previously reported, news of Putin’s troops still starving even after 12 months in Ukraine comes amid news the 70-year-old Russian leader is expected to continue the ongoing war “much longer.”

One intelligence official predicted the war in Ukraine will continue “for many more months” and that the conflict is expected to become “much bloodier” as Putin grows increasingly more desperate to take the defending and neighboring nation.

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