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Women In Relationships Are Sharing The Most Wholesome Moment They've Ever Shared With Their Husband Or Boyfriend, And This Is Incredibly Pure

By Raven Ishak,


While every relationship will have its ups and downs, most couples will experience incredibly wholesome moments that will make your eyes water with happiness. So when Reddit user u/Fickle-Bar-4787 asked the r/AskWomen : "What is the most wholesome moment you've experienced with a S.O.?" — I thought it would be sweet to highlight these positive moments. Here's what the couples had to say:
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1. "We were cuddling together, and I was having a rough time with my mental health. He was a sweetheart, cuddling me and reassuring me that I was okay and loved. I told him I knew I was loved and never have to question that with him. He got quiet and just held me tighter. We had a talk after and he elaborated on how it meant a lot to him that I was so sure how much he cared since he's had some history with partners questioning him. It was a rough moment for both of us but it was such a sweet connection for us."


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2. "I have been super sick lately, and I’m almost seven months pregnant. I asked my husband to braid my hair the other night because I’ve been so exhausted. I expected him to just do a regular braid like usual but he opened up his computer and looked up a French braid YouTube tutorial. He brushed my hair a bunch (he knows I love my hair being brushed), and braided my hair. He had to redo it a couple of times but it was so sweet. We are having a baby girl and he said he wanted to learn how to do hair better so he can do mine and our girl's."


3. "When we were dating, I was young and dumb and had no idea how much alcohol I could handle (not much), and drank a whole bottle of a honey liqueur. I woke up the next morning in his parents' guest room, and he was lying on the floor next to me. I asked him why he was there and he said, 'You kept stopping breathing so I stayed here last night to make sure you were okay.' He never touched me, just made sure I was breathing, all night. Now, we’re married."


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4. "I recently had a bad panic attack/existential crisis, which I’m still kind of recovering from, and have since developed a huge anxiety about death. I was crying to my boyfriend about how I was scared that there was nothing after this and he held me and said, 'Even if there is nothing, we’ll find each other in the nothingness and be nothing together.' It made me cry and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I remind myself of that every time I feel myself spiraling."


5. "Shortly after my dad passed away very unexpectedly, I was still prone to just breaking down and crying about it. It was a rough time. I was getting out of the shower one day and ended up curled up on my bed in nothing but my towel, sobbing. He came in with a box of chocolate-covered pretzels and just started feeding them to me and making me laugh. He was so patient and understanding during that whole period of time that I knew I'd found someone special."


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6. "I had a rough time with the birth of our first kid. Lots of unmedicated pushing only for it to end with an emergency C-section, for which I had to be unconscious, and all the recovery that comes along with that. So I'm in the hospital and the nurse tells me it's been too long since I've taken a shit so I was going to need a suppository. I was terrified of what this all was going to feel like with my fresh abdominal incision and embarrassed that this was happening right in front of my husband, who was sitting in the room holding the baby, and I was preemptively embarrassed about what was going to happen afterward. If our positions had been reversed, I probably would have excused myself and given him some space. So yes, what he did surprise me."

"After the nurse did what she needed to do, he sat and told me gross stories of the various digestive troubles suffered by his mates in Iraq (heat, stress, poor facilities, and MREs three meals a day.) And he recited this poem: 'Here I sit, all brokenhearted. Tried to shit but only farted.' And the corollary: 'Brokenhearted, here I sit. Tried to fart but took a shit.' Which made me laugh so painfully hard that I thought I was going to bust a stitch. And after a bit, things proceeded as they were meant to and it wasn't really that bad."


7. "My husband isn't an emotional man, he is very stoic and very controlled. Before our son was born, I remember asking him if he thought he'd be emotional when the moment came and he said he didn't think he would be. Cue to the moment when he arrived, I turned to my husband who was sobbing, while telling me how amazing I was. It was the most emotionally vulnerable I'd ever seen him in over seven years of knowing him. An already perfectly shared moment in our lives was made better because I saw a pure moment of emotion in him on that day, which perfectly illustrated how much he loved and cared for me and his son."


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8. "When my mom lost a job and [my partner] suggested supporting her for six months till she finds a new one. She lives abroad, and they’ve never met. He’s the sweetest and kindest person I know."


9. "I projectile vomited in my beloved car on the way home. I texted my partner that I was coming back because I was sick because of this. Once home, I ran into the house and stripped and ran to the shower. When I came out, he cleaned my car out and disinfected everything. He knew I would rather have him do that instead of tending to me, and it was a relief to not have to do it, and I really appreciate that I didn’t have to ask."


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10. "Every morning during the workweek, he makes me coffee, sings to wake me up, and reads a chapter of the book we’re reading that month to help me not fall back asleep. It’s the perfect way to wake up."


11. "I just got a new job that meant I had to work weekends, which is usually the only time we can see each other. I called him before I accepted the job to talk about it, and he said we’d be able to work out a weekday to see each other. He said he was proud of me and that he was excited for me because it sounded like a really fun and great job. He was so genuinely happy for me and it meant so much to me."

"Sometimes he’ll just do very little things that show he cares, like getting up to get me some water when I didn’t even ask. He’s very sweet."


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12. "I had the shivers and really high fever where I had my room temp set to 90 degrees on a hot summer day. On top of that, I had blankets and jackets on me — and I was still really cold. I called my husband who was quite far away and just a 10-minute drive away from his destination, and he took a U-turn and drove back. He came home and when he came to the room, I just saw him closing the door, opening his shirt, and hopping into bed with me. His arm/hug on top of those blankets was that last level of heat I guess I needed or else my body would've just kept on shivering. He fell asleep with me even though for him I know the temperature was like being baked in the oven. And he did that whenever my shivers came back without any complaint."


13. "I have been with my husband for 18 years, and this happened when we were both young: I was 18, and he was 20. My mom was in the hospital getting a hysterectomy. She had the procedure, and everything went well. That night around 2 a.m., my aunt showed up at my boyfriend's mom's house where we were. She's screaming at me to get dressed, we have to get down to the hospital, something happened to mom. I'm dressed and gone in less than five minutes without saying a word to my boyfriend. Not even five minutes after I had gotten into the hospital and started trying to understand what was happening, my boyfriend walked in. He had sped all the way there to make sure he was with me. Long story short, she had a brain aneurysm and was taken off life support two days later. It was a crazy time in my life."


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14. "My nephew gifted him a book for Christmas. We went to bed and he wanted to read it and asked me if I wanted him to read it to me. It was only one chapter, I imagine he will finish the book on his own, but the scene filled my heart with infinite love."


15. "My landlords decided to convert their property to an Airbnb, so they were kicking me out in a month. I was in a high cost-of-living area and was going to have a heck of a time finding a new place that I felt was like home. My boyfriend, who I’d been with for five months at the time, invited me to live with him without hesitation. He took me out to a restaurant and handed me a little gift bag. Inside was a custom super cute key to the front door of his house. It still makes my heart flutter."


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16. "It was in the middle of winter and our apartment was a little cold. While I was in the shower, he put my towels in the dryer and wrapped it around me when I was done showering. Priceless."


17. "I have extreme ADHD and being present at all is both difficult and rare. My state of stimulation swings quickly, and he’s found ways to help me stay in the good moments a little longer. There is a massive park with ponds and trails across the road from our house. We realized getting a bag of duck food and going to the pond to feed the birds was relaxing and a nice way to hang out and talk, plus it costs us like $8 a week. There are hundreds of ducks, but there is a group of larger Swedish black/blue ducks and runner ducks that tend to get bullied away from food by the army of little ones. However, if they can make it over to you, they surround you and a lot of times want to eat out of your hands. I had sat on a blanket, surrounded by these ducks squeaking at me to take a handful of food out for them when I realized what my husband was doing, and does all the time."

"He used his duck food to distract the rest of the duck hoard, and kept them strategically away from my little audience so I could have that experience all to myself without all the other competition. I had an entire bank of the pond for the ducks I was feeding, at least eight that had fully surrounded me.

I had to ask him if he does it on purpose and he said yes, but the answer to why was so much better. Why does he do it? 'Because it makes you happy so if it’s something that helps to get you there, why wouldn’t I? That’s the goal, right?'"


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18. "Anytime I take a bagel out of the freezer to defrost for breakfast, my husband will cut it and put it in the toaster for me so I just have to start the toaster when I’m ready to eat. Such a small gesture, but one that makes me feel taken care of."


Do you have a wholesome memory with your partner that you want to share? If so, tell us all about it below:

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