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29 Hinge Dating App Screenshots That Show You What Modern Romance Is Like

By Christopher Hudspeth,


1. Let's begin by showcasing weirdo behavior because, unfortunately, there's a lot of that to weed through. First, here's someone using his brother's photo to reel in a match before changing it to a picture of himself.
sangerous / Via

2. Here's someone responding after almost three weeks with the ol' "my phone died" excuse.
caramelsundae02 / Via

3. Here's an unhinged person who kicked things off with a political attack, and then only got worse from there.
gallifreyangiant / Via

4. Here's someone who agreed to plans and then just completely bailed without offering any sort of response.
Captain_brownbeard / Via

5. Here's proof that it's possible to just be straight-up instead of ghosting in this pleasant exchange.
mitchdwx / Via

6. Here's more evidence supporting honesty over vanishing.
Expert-Bluebird-5748 / Via

7. And yet another bit of hope that if it doesn't pan out, parties can go their separate ways respectfully.
Kingstist / Via

8. OK, moving on, here's a lighthearted, quality pun response to someone's profile that unfortunately didn't get a response/match.
Jedcrandy / Via

9. And here's another pun conversation starter because you can expect to see a lot of that on any dating app.
pizzabagelsaregood / Via

10. Here's a guy going from chill to hostile in a flash.
whtwitch / Via

11. Here's someone who couldn't care less about punctuality.
PhilUpDeez / Via

12. Here's someone who is anti-personal health.
baylawna6 / Via

13. Here's someone who couldn't do their part to make this knock-knock joke happen.
secondbase17 / Via

14. Here's the app doing the user a favor and letting them know their answer to this profile question is a bit unoriginal/uninspired.
adhi- / Via

15. And here's someone who is overly competitive about everything except coming up with non-basic responses to profile questions.
mitchdwx / Via

16. Here's someone who is NOT competitive but is a bit blunt.
berserkForYou / Via

17. Here's someone throwing up red flags in their profile.
miranda-adria / Via

18. More red flags.
EmotionalJellyfish / Via

19. Yep, more red flags.
[deleted] / Via

20. Here's some poor, witty soul who might wind up matching with one of those red flags.

21. Here's some stone cold honesty.
bobachella / Via

22. Here's a smooth-as-sandpaper transition.
KatieNotPerry / Via

23. Here's another conversation shift that comes out of nowhere and kills the vibe.
Square-Management-28 / Via

24. Here's someone killing a conversation entirely by offering NOTHING.
saltymike69 / Via

25. Here's an aggressively sexual opener before any other words have been exchanged.
hrowaway12448es-j / Via

26. Here's yet another real conversationalist.
Psychological_Set668 / Via

27. Here's someone who thinks peanut allergies are a sign of immaturity.
_squirrell_ / Via

28. Here's someone with ulterior motives.
[deleted] / Via

29. And finally, here's some mean-spirited individual who is apparently only on the app to be rude. Cool!
couchguyDave / Via
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