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‘SNL’s Weekend Update Takes Swipes At George Santos’ “New Lie” About ‘Spider-Man’ Musical & Donald Trump

By Armando Tinoco,


Colin Jost and Michael Che returned to Saturday Night Live ’s “Weekend Update” and took several swipes at George Santos and Donald Trump .

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Che introduced the first Santos joke of the night recalling that the congressman was stepping aside from his committees “to avoid distraction.”

“‘The last thing I want is attention,'” Che claimed Santos said, and added, “Then he sashayed away in a feather boa.”

A photo of Santos dressed in drag then appeared reminding viewers of his past. Jost then recalled a reported new lie that was just uncovered about Santos. Santos allegedly lied to campaign donors “that he was a producer of the Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark .”

Jost then delivered the punchline adding, “Though he did end up working with the Green Goblin,” as a photo of representative Marjorie Taylor Green dressed in green appeared on the screen.

The jokes then shifted to Trump with Che informing that the former president’s golf course would host a Saudi Arabian golf league.

“Their relationship makes sense, I mean, Saudi Arabia needs venues for their golf tournaments and Trump needs oil for that big ol’ dump truck,” Che quipped.

Che was not done with Trump as he took another shot at him when they brought up the subject of his deposition at the New York Attorney General’s office where he was heard repeatedly “taking the fifth hundreds of times.”

“Also taking a fifth, his lawyer,” Che joked as Rudy Giuliani’s photo popped up with a vodka in hand.

Watch the “Weekend Update” segment in the video posted below.

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