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Kyle Kuzma wore yet another bizarre outfit before a Wizards game, and NBA fans had jokes

By Cory Woodroof,


Washington Wizards power forward Kyle Kuzma hasn’t slowed down on his bizarre fashion strategy heading into NBA games.

Kuzma’s innovative outfits have bewildered NBA fans for quite some time, with Saturday’s latest getup catching plenty of second looks.

The pregame wardrobe was a puffy black jacket of sorts with matching pants, with the jacket so puffy that it covered half of Kuzma’s head.

Kuzma rocking this strange outfit certainly got NBA fans to pay attention, if only to make a few jokes at the NBA star’s expense at just how strange this fashion decision is. It’s certainly not out of the norm for Kuzma, but it’s definitely weird all the same.

Well, if you ask us, it looks like Kuzma is the deadly xenomorph from Alien. Essentially, if you see Kuzma dressed in this and charging at you on a spaceship, you need to run. After all, no one in space can hear you scream.

However, plenty of people here can hear you make some jokes at Kuzma’s latest fashion faux pas.

NBA fans, let's see the jokes.

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