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Prince Harry Has New Demands for Royal Family as He Remains ‘Frustrated’ Meghan Still Hasn’t Received an Apology, Report

By Michelle Kapusta,


The royal family ‘s refusal to offer Meghan Markle a public apology is not sitting well with Prince Harry . And now he’s reportedly laying out fresh demands for his family if they want him at King Charles III’s coronation .
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive on the long Walk at Windsor Castle arrive to view flowers and tributes to Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry is ‘frustrated’ his family has not offered a public apology

Things have not improved with Prince Harry and his family following the release of his memoir Spare .

“No apology to Meghan has been made by the Palace, which frustrates Harry,” a source close to the Sussexes told Us Weekly . “Nor has he received a personal apology.”

Another insider told the outlet: “At this point, the royals can only move forward and come to some form of truce with Harry if everyone sits down and talks through their issues privately. Despite everything that’s happened, Harry does want his family in his life.”

During the promotional tour for his book Harry said in an interview with ITV that he is open to forgiveness with his father and brother saying: “I sit here now in front of you asking for a family. Not an institution. I want a family. And I understand how that might be hard for them to be able to separate the two, but to me everything that I’ve witnessed and experienced over the years, there has to be a separation.”

Duke’s fresh demands for royals to accommodate him and Meghan at coronation

Considering that the royal family has stayed silent thus far and hasn’t bent to what Harry asked, it may surprise some people that the duke is laying out new demands that he expects to be met. That is if they want him to attend his father’s coronation in May.

GB News noted that Harry could be offered a “high-profile seating position” at the ceremony and wants assurance that he and his wife can keep their titles as an “inducement” to attend the service.

According to a report per the Daily Mail : “Harry’s camp made clear that the idea that he would just attend the coronation and behave himself but then be stripped of his titles was a total non-starter. While he might decide at some point to discard his titles of his own volition, he objects to the idea of being forcibly stripped of them.”

It’s not yet known if the Sussexes will be invited to the king’s coronation
King Charles III and Prince Harry walk behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II | LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images

3 Reasons Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Children Likely Won’t Attend King Charles’ Coronation

Of course the big mystery around all of this is if the Sussexes will even be invited to the coronation.

There have been multiple reports that Prince William does not want his brother there under any circumstances as he believes Harry will use the event to stage a “stunt” that would overshadow it. However, several publications claim that Charles does want his youngest son at his coronation and has even turned to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby , who will conduct the ceremony, to try and help heal the family rift and negotiate a deal with Harry so he will attend.

It’s still anyone’s guess what will happen in May.

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