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Billings West boys' basketball teams visit Arrowhead Elementary

By Phil Van Pelt,


One of the best things about sports is their ability to inspire, and Friday the Billings West JV and varsity boys’ basketball teams visited Arrowhead Elementary School to teach kids about what it means to be a successful student-athlete and have a little fun.

The end of the week is always fun at Arrowhead, but the excitement this Friday was on a whole other level.

"The boys act as a great role model for them, and they provided a fantastic message, which is what we try to promote all the time here at Arrowhead," said Pam Meier, principal of Arrowhead Elementary School Friday.

That message: how to respect others and how to be the best students they can be. While the kids loved the message from the team, they also loved watching them play.

"You have a bunch of little fans that look up to you, and you don’t even realize it, and these kids love to watch and you’re just playing your game," said Billings West senior Billy Carlson on Friday.

Billy Carlson and Mitchell Fogelsong are both seniors at West High, and they know that even at this age, many younger students are watching their every move. They say being an athlete gives them a platform to make a difference on more than just the court.

"I think it’s good that they hear it from somebody else. Not their parents or their coaches. They hear it from actual guys that play basketball, and you know, the varsity team they may look up to," added Carlson.

And that’s what this day was all about, creating connections, both on the court and off.

And it became an experience that all involved will remember, from kids to seniors in high school.

"It’s been enjoyable and getting to come back and teach the kids and hopefully set them up for success later in life and be able to give back to place that made me the person I am. So, grateful," said Fogelsong on Friday.

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