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5 TV Characters Who Would Probably Manage Money Well (And 5 Who I Wouldn't Trust With My Wallet)

By Kailey Hansen,


If TV characters lived in the real world, they would be faced with paying bills, investing, and budgeting for their lifestyle. For some, money is a central plot point in their series. Others are living in a galaxy far, far away. Whether it's canon that they deal with finances or not, I'm rounding up five popular characters who seem like they would manage money well if given the chance... and five who simply can't be trusted, in my opinion.
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Last year, I wrote a similar article that included characters like Johnny Rose ( Schitt's Creek ), Leslie Knope ( Parks & Recreation ), and Chidi Anagonye ( The Good Place ). But this updated list includes characters from TV shows popular right now.
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Let's start with our good money managers...

1. Wednesday Addams (Wednesday)
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Wednesday Addams might be on the creepy and kooky side, but she's very strong-willed. Whether she's plotting revenge, working on her novel, or saving an entire town from an evil pilgrim ghost, Wednesday accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to. I imagine that as an adult, she will hide her emergency fund under the floorboards in a coffin. She's probably meticulous with counting every dollar, and therefore, knows how to budget well. She's not into unnecessary frills.

2. Joel Miller (The Last of Us)
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After a terrifying fungal infection plummets the world into chaos, Joel Miller has no choice but to become resourceful. As a smuggler, his world is turned even more upside down when he's put in charge of protecting a young girl who might be the key to a cure. Joel might be rough around the edges due to the hardships he's endured, but he is also a survivor who weighs the risk in every move he makes — a great quality for money management. He also strives to make what little he has go far , so Joel would definitely be someone who knows where every dollar is being spent.

3. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
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While Anakin Skywalker let his emotional turmoil sway him to the dark side, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is a pro at handling stressful situations well. Throughout the series (and the entire Star Wars saga), Obi-Wan refuses to let pain or sadness ruin his ability to keep a clear head. He is logical, smart, and always tries to do the right thing. If Obi-Wan lived in our galaxy, he would stay in tune with The Force, rather than fill up his Amazon cart for the sake of retail therapy. This man would follow his budget by the book.

4. Janine Teagues (Abbott Elementary)
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A true ray of sunshine at Abbott Elementary, Janine Teagues is always looking for ways to improve her students' education. She's faced with a ton of hardships in her job but consistently wants to overcome them. Her optimism, along with her sense of realism, makes her someone who is likely dedicated to achieving personal goals as well. While Janine has faced money troubles due to her ex-boyfriend , Tariq, she's a character determined to persevere and change her situation (as seen in the classroom!). Janine has the traits of a goal-oriented money manager, and would probably be competitive with herself.

5. Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)
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If you live in Hawkins, expect the unexpected. Joyce Byers certainly does, considering every season of Stranger Things throws new Upside Down-related drama her way. The Byers family may not be wealthy, but Joyce clearly puts thought into where her hard-earned money goes as her she provides her kids with a comfortable life and always has a game plan when a new emergency arises. Check out these tips for building a rainy day fund should Demogorgons come knocking or cryptic Russian dolls be sent to your home.

Managing your finances well is hard work. These characters seem less likely to keep their receipts or track their spending.

1. Georgia Miller (Ginny & Georgia)
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While no one can dispute Georgia Miller's love for her kids, Ginny and Austin, she's no stranger to making some questionable money moves for the sake of the family. When she takes a job at the mayor's office, she begins writing checks to herself since finances are hurting. She also commits identity theft by taking out credit cards in both of her children's names. Yikes.

2. Daemon Targaryen (House of the Dragon)
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There is literally no way that Daemon Targaryen would manage finances well. He hopes to become the king of Westeros, which, ironically, would put him in charge of budgeting gold for an entire continent. When Daemon wages war against the Crabfeeder and decides to fight for the Stepstones on his own terms, despite great risk, he wins the battle but just narrowly. He is often reckless, selfish, and rash, so it's dragons for Daemon, rather than dollars.

3. Tanya McQuoid (The White Lotus)
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While Tanya McQuoid is a treasure, there are a couple of reasons why she's not to be trusted with money. Tanya's wallet definitely isn't hurting — she's got plenty of inherited wealth — but there's not much evidence that she knows how to manage her bank account well. She's gullible and far too trusting of others, which, spoiler alert , is ultimately her downfall. In Season 2 of The White Lotus , we see her trust Greg and Quentin, both of whom betrayed her. She's the type who would easily fall for a money scam, and probably doesn't even know how much money she has.

4. Oliver Putnam (Only Murders In The Building)
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In his prime, Oliver Putnam was a big-name Broadway director. Now, he has teamed up with two residents in his apartment complex, Charles and Mabel, to run a podcast investigating mysterious murders in their building. Oliver is full of big ideas for how to keep their podcast successful, though his business ventures tend to be a little too grand. He's the type who would make a large investment on a whim, without really understanding its risk. If Oliver were to manage money well, it's likely that he would need Charles and Mabel to reel him in.

5. Emily Cooper (Emily In Paris)
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While Emily Cooper is a repeat from last year's list , she returns in the wake of the new season of Emily In Paris streaming on Netflix. If Emily's lavish Parisian life seems a bit out of budget for a young up-and-coming marketing executive, it's with good reason. A recent study revealed that in a real-world scenario, Emily's lifestyle would take approximately $120,000 to maintain! This is a whole lot of croissants. The study also estimates that her spending is at least $70,000 over her income.

Which characters would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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