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Women Are Sharing The Worst DM's They've Ever Received, And I'm Begging Men To Just Leave Us Alone

By Shelby Heinrich,


Unfortunately, women have been getting creepy, gross, and downright bizarre messages from men since the dawn of the internet. Don't believe me? Just check out r/creepyPMs and r/niceguys on Reddit. And, judging by these screenshots, it looks like 2023 won't be any different. 🙄 Will we ever know peace???

Warning: This post contains violent, misogynistic language that, unfortunately, many women deal with on a regular basis. It also discusses stalking. Read at your own discretion.

For example:

1. This guy who went from zero to a million real quick:
u/spo0pti / Via

2. This guy who pivoted from "will you marry me" to "you will die alone" in a matter of seconds:
u/Ayen_C1 / Via

3. This guy who thinks this kind of (terrifying) behavior is okay:
u/therattywoman / Via

4. This guy who flipped a switch once the tables were turned:
u/LadyLazarusRed / Via

5. This guy who seems to think wiping down a table entitles you to someone else's time:
u/GeishaTwink / Via
u/GeishaTwink / Via
u/GeishaTwink / Via

6. This guy who "doesn't know a single man who isn't a [loving], caring individual" 🙃:
u/MedusasLastSnake / Via
u/MedusasLastSnake / Via

7. This guy who started with "brilliant woman" and ended with "stupid bitch":
u/Spider_dude2 / Via

8. This guy who got no reply and immediately revealed himself:
u/sophiamcc_ / Via

9. This guy who's a "great boyfriend" but will still proudly cheat on you:
u/ItchycooParking / Via

10. This "nice" guy who saw no issue asking a "weird question":
u/cavaliersfan9 / Via

11. This guy who really did a great job proving he's not mean:
u/Zestyclose-Salary729 / Via

12. This guy who sent each and every one of these messages completely unprompted:
u/OffBrandPeach / Via

13. This guy who actually used the word "breed" 🤮:
u/ItchycooParking / Via

14. This guy who flew off the handle the second he got blocked:
u/Marianyberg02 / Via

15. And finally, this guy, who I genuinely have no words for:
u/Sewing_girl_101 / Via

H/T: r/creepyPMs and r/niceguys

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