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The 14 key lines from Rishi Sunak's interview with Piers Morgan

By Kate Plummer,


Rishi Sunak faced the scrutiny of Piers Morgan yesterday in an exclusive interview on his TalkTV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored .

The prime minister was questioned on multiple topics, from his love of Star Wars to more serious issues about the economy and migration.

It came as the prime minister celebrated his first 100 days in office , or as Morgan put it "two Liz Truss's".

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How did he get on?

Here's everything that happened in their wide-ranging 45-minute chat.

"I can give you that guarantee although if you get hungry halfway through we can go and raid it for some snacks."

Morgan started the interview by reminding Sunak of the time Boris Johnson hid in a fridge to avoid him. Sunak said he wouldn't do the same but was open to going for some snacks.

Sunak was "having lunch" at TGI Fridays with his children when Liz Truss resigned.

The food chat didn't stop there. Sunak revealed he was having lunch and was about to go bowling when he found out Truss had resigned and wasn't thinking about returning to politics. He returned out of a sense of "duty" for "public service".

"Have hope because I can make it better and I will make it better".

The PM was asked if he has a "doctrine" that characterises his rule. He told British people to "have hope" and added that Sunakism "is about making sure that people can feel proud of the UK", that things will be better for their children and grandchildren and making sure people have "peace of mind".

"People coming here illegally it's not fair on those who are working hard, paying taxes, relying on public services."

The conversation then moved on to migration. Sunak said he was working on a new law to stop people coming into the country "illegally" and said claims will be processed within days not months. He added he believed most people look at the controversial Rwanda scheme that is currently being challenged in courts and think "that sounds reasonable".

"I grew up in an NHS family!"

Sunak then revealed his background. Sigh.

"I would love to give the nurses a massive pay rise, who wouldn't? it would certainly make my life easier."

But the non-disclosure came during a conversation about the best way to deal with the NHS and striking workers. Sunak said he has to make tough decisions and blamed inflation for eating away at NHS staff's pay packets. He and Morgan also came to blows over the issue of nurses paying for parking spaces at hospitals, which Morgan is completely against.

"People can judge me on how I've dealt with these situations as they've arisen".

Morgan asked about Sunak pledging to lead with "integrity" but not dealing with Dominic Raab, Gavin Williamson, Suella Braverman and Nadhim Zahawi - or the scandal-hit four.

Sunak said most things happened before he was PM but when "on my watch" he had worked in a manner he considered "professional".

"I believe in due process, I believe people should have a fair hearing," he added.


Inevitably, the conversation then moved on to Sunak's finances. He said he had "blind trusts" so didn't know where his money was being invested and, repeating an earlier pledge to publish tax returns Sunak said he was willing to be "transparent" and publish the documents, which were "being prepared".

"All of our leaders have a way of continuing to contribute to public life"

Remembering the time he hid in a fridge was not the only mention of Johnson. Sunak said he has "no problem" with Johnson being in America to drum up support for Ukraine.

"I am batting above my average"

Speaking about his wife, Sunak implied he was punching. He added, "I wouldn't be able to do this job without her love and support".

"Of course, I know what a woman is - adult human female"

It wouldn't be a political interview with Morgan if trans issues were not awkwardly brought up. On the subject, Sunak said: "We must and should have enormous compassion and tolerance and understanding for those who are questioning their gender and identity" but added we need to recognise women's safety.

"Biological sex really matters," he said.

"Are you still a coke addict?" Morgan asked referencing the infamous gaffe he made with school children . Without missing a beat Sunak replied. "Yes, I'm down to one a week".

"I have a special thing for a particular type of coke which is in the fridge somewhere," he added. Oh dear.

"Stinking rich".

Morgan put it to Sunak that he was "stinking rich". There was a painfully long silence until Sunak admitted he was "financially fortunate".

He admitted rapping to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice as previously reported by the Times but added "we will not do that now".

A varied interview, then.

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