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We’re twin sisters and now new moms — we gave birth on the same day

By Jane Herz,


They’re taking “twinning” to a whole new level.

A pair of twin sisters from Arkansas were seeing double when they gave birth on the exact same day — about one hour apart.

Celci and Delci both gave birth to their daughters, Esme and Noelle, in adjacent hospital rooms on Jan. 31.

Both of them were due in early February, just eight days apart, but ended up going into labor on the same day, according to 5NEWS. The newborn cousins, who are only a few days old, will now share a birthday together, just like their moms.

The event was even more momentous because it all happened during an ice storm, which was so severe that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had declared a state of emergency .
Twins Celci and Delci both gave birth to their daughters, Esme and Noelle, in adjacent hospital rooms on Jan. 31.
Youtube / 5NEWS

While it might seem pretty wild that the two womb-mates gave birth on the exact same day, twins often feel a deep connection to each other and have reported “experiences of enhanced emotional connection,” according to Verywell Family . That means one reportedly can tell when something is wrong with their counterpart.

It’s unclear if that’s exactly the case with the two, but viewers found the story heartwarming, which they expressed after a local news anchor posted about the news on Facebook.

“Congratulations!!” one commenter wrote. “That is a great story to share throughout the years!!”
The two were originally due a few days apart in February.
Youtube / 5NEWS

Another agreed, writing, “Love these kind of stories, so excited it happened in our area!”

“Congratulations!” one person shared. “What a story they will have to tell.”

Another individual even called for the news station to check in with the moms and their little ones every so often.

“I hope chnl 5 keeps up with these babies and does at least a random story on them once in a while,” they wrote. “I mean! Ya just can’t bring ’em into our homes. And not expect us to love our 2 new TV twins.”

In 2016, something similar happened to a pair of identical twin sisters from Utah. Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall gave birth to their own identical twins a mere few weeks apart.

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