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Here Are 19 Of The "That '70s Show" Easter Eggs I Noticed In "That '90s Show"

By Jess Goodwin,


I don't know about you, but I've been watching and rewatching That '70s Show since it first began airing in 1998.
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(Yes, I'm old.)

So when I heard they were making a reboot set in the '90s — the decade I spent most of my formative years in — I was pretty excited.
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(Again, old.)

I was especially stoked to see how much the original show would factor into the new one — what sort of references and Easter eggs would be included.
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I love a good callback, and fortunately, there ended up being quite a few in That '90s Show — here are some of the ones I noticed:

1. The opening title cards in "That '90s Pilot" are almost identical to the opening title cards in "That '70s Pilot."
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2. Donna being an author and Eric being a teacher

We saw Donna working at the radio station more than writing in the original show, but she clearly found her way back to it as she's now an author. (I wonder if she continued the adventures of Wanda and Derek?)

Meanwhile, Eric, who left That '70s Show in the final season to teach kids in Africa, is now a professor specializing in Star Wars .


3. Eric's obsession with Star Wars

Speaking of which, he convinced Donna to let him name their daughter Leia; he either won or lost the battle for her middle name to be Tatooine, depending on who you ask; and a significant chunk of his onscreen time in That '90s Show so far was spent talking about the franchise.


4. The scene transitions

The scene transitions were a very short but big part of That '70s Show , and they're back for the reboot.

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5. The weed-induced kitchen hallucinations

In That '70s Show , when the kids would smoke and be called upstairs, the kitchen (along with Kitty and Red) became...really weird. In That '90s Show , the kitchen (along with Kitty and Red) becomes really weird again, this time taking the form of a video game.

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6. All the foots in asses

On top of calling people dumbasses, Red's favorite thing to do on That '70s Show was to threaten to put his foot into their asses. That hasn't changed, and even Eric gets one in (so to speak) in That '90s Show .


7. The kids having to buy a tap for a keg of beer that randomly came into their possession

The same thing happened in the That '70s Show Season 1 episode, "The Keg," (except Kelso didn't have to worry about being carded because "you can't drink a tap").

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Kelso screamed this countless times in That '70s Show and once in the pilot of That '90s Show . At the end of the season, we see Jay follow in his dad's footsteps, and honestly, he nails it. (I'm convinced that clinched the audition for him.)


9. "Michael, let's GO!"

Jackie is still yelling this at Michael after all these years...


10. "Damn, Jackie!"

...and he's still going right back at her.


11. "I said 'good day!'"

Fez is still bidding people a "good day!" — now for his hair salon commercials.


12. Red seeing Fez naked again

And Fez only covering his chest again.

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13. Fez's war with Fenton the landlord

Fez and Fenton locked horns a handful of times in the last few seasons of That '70s Show , and by the time they meet again in That '90s Show , their animosity toward each other hasn't waned one bit. Even when Fez seems to have made a peace offering in the form of a wig, it turns out the wig is made of dog hair.

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14. Red reminding Kitty that Kelso once glued himself to their fridge

This one was pleasantly surprising, mainly because the original moment was a 30-second throwaway gag in Season 7 (when Eric enlists his parents to explain to Angie why dating Kelso is a bad idea).


15. Red and Kitty getting caught having sex to "Tell Me Something Good" again

Fortunately, it's not by any family members this time around, but rather by their next-door neighbor who was grabbing a shower in their bathroom.

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16. The Candyland stash

Eric no longer keeps his money there, but Leia and her friends did find a very old bag of weed that was left behind.


17. The water tower

The kids in That '90s Show go to hang out there a couple of times throughout the season, and honestly, I'm surprised no one fell off. (I guess there's always next season!) You can still see the remnants of the pot leaf Kelso and Fez painted on there years earlier, and the faded "Michael + Jackie."

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18. The Vista Cruiser

Eric presumably had the Cruiser for at least a few years between the end of That '70s Show and the beginning of That '90s Show , but ultimately it ended up back in Red's garage. Even though it would've been 26 years old by 1995, he still ends up passing it on to Leia for her birthday.

19. And finally, Eric and Donna sitting on top of their car and playfully pushing each other's heads
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This was apparently unscripted , which makes it all the sweeter 🥺

What were some of your favorite callbacks to the original show? Sound off in the comments!

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