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10 Moments I Just HAVE To Talk About From The New "Outer Banks" Trailer

By Virgínia Mendes,


While we're still a while away from the February 23 release of Outer Banks Season 3, Netflix gave us another close look at what's to come. The trailer proves that this might be the wildest and most action-packed season yet.

These 10 moments in particular prove that I'll anxiously be waiting to see what drama will unfold:

1. The rivalry between Kooks and Pogues is back.

Between trying to find John B. and Sarah and securing the gold, Season 2 put this rivalry to rest, but it seems like it's making a comeback in Season 3.


2. Old friends may turn into enemies.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but the setup between the old Kooks vs. Pogues rivalry, and the fact that Sarah is looking back into her past romantically, while also asking her murdering father for help, is raising some questions about where her allegiance lies.


3. Finally a brand new treasure hunt.

Finally, a brand new treasure hunt with far more interesting storytelling. El Dorado is a known legend, that in itself will level the stakes for the show, in terms of mystery, action, and cinematography.


4. Old flames seem ready to shake (#Jarah shippers).

I know that in some places in the world of shipping, these two actual have a fanbase — and I kind of get it. The good old lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers again. And maybe, just maybe, they can put up a fight against Jarah shippers. I'm always ready for a shipping war, so let's see what Season 3 will bring. But by the looks of the trailer, it's gonna be explored.


5. John B.'s father is alive and well.

Well...that was frustrating to learn in Season 2. His son basically went through hell, has been an orphan for two entire seasons, and the old man is just chillin' and watching the sun set. Hopefully Season 3 will bring some enlightenment during their reunion that can justify leaving his son all alone.


6. Different haircut, same devilish eyes.

Dangerous. Evil. Toxic. And hot tbh. That's what Rafe delivered during the previous seasons, and seemingly that's what he will continue to deliver in Season 3. And honestly, no complaints. At this point, I don't think there's a redemption arc for him, so let's just allow him to embrace the bad freely.


7. Friends until death do us part.

The trailer showed us that despite the ups and downs, this group will seemingly remain united in yet another treasure hunt. Let's hope it remains that way until the end, because honestly, that support system and a lot of luck is what has kept these kids alive.


8. Search for redemption or a brand new betrayal?

From what we can see in the trailer, it seems like the writers are looking to give Ward a redemption arc. Not only by the way he interacts with his children, but from the shot of both Sarah and Rafe carrying his wounded body during what seems like an action sequence. Is there hope for this character? Not in my book, but maybe this will be more about his redemption towards his role as a father, rather than him as a human being.


9. Action and cinematography leveled up.

The entire trailer presented us with a very action-packed sequence of events, supported by a beautiful cinematography. This time around, it doesn't seem like it's gonna just be a big main event, but instead, every episode is gonna be filled with this type of direction.


10. And #Jiara shippers, this is our time!

Let's be honest...they are the main event. The fans have been fighting for them since the very first episode of the first season. They won the hearts of the majority of the fandom and it seems like the writers listened and decided to deliver. It's gonna be one wild ride.


What was your favorite part of the Season 3 trailer and what are you most excited to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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