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SNAPPED: Utah DWR reminds drivers to watch out for eagles this migration season

By TownLift // Ashtyn Asay,


UTAH — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is reminding drivers to watch out for eagles in roadways as the birds migrate through the state this winter.

According to a statement from the Utah DWR, eagles sometimes feed on carcasses along highways, bringing them close to moving vehicles. This may occur more frequently over the next month as bald eagles migrate through Utah.

According to biologists at HawkWatch International, an estimated upwards of 75 eagles are hit on Utah’s roads every year.

“When perched on or near roads, these birds don’t always quickly fly away,” said a statement from the Utah DWR. “If they’ve just eaten, they often can’t fly until they digest their most recent meal, and they aren’t as maneuverable as smaller birds.”

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