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31 Dating Profiles So Horribly Cringe-Worthy, I Can't Believe Someone Actually Posted Them

By Hannah Marder,


Look, making a dating profile is hard. I get it. I'm not here to shame good people just trying their best. But every once in a while, a profile is SO bad that it actually is disturbing, offensive, or just plain combative. Here are 31 examples people actually posted.

1. I will never get why some men write an entire rant in their bio and think it's gonna get them matches???
u/stinky-twink / Via

2. "Ur all tramps" is the perfect way to get women to date you.
u/Spent2longonthis / Via

3. I am actually in awe of how offensive this first line is.
u/its_andi_with_an_i / Via

4. The hatred toward single moms is so disgusting.
u/Tired-poppunk / Via

5. This guy isn't even being subtle about hating women.
u/OverlordTankFromCnC / Via

6. Like...if you hate women so much, why are you dating them?
u/mlwirtjes / Via

7. I'm just here laughing at his hatred for single women 30 and older, when he himself is 32.
u/Intergalactic-Kiwi / Via

8. This list of requirements is actually wild — it's not a job interview.
u/evenREPTARisnakey / Via

9. As is this one.
u/Prof_RPNT / Via

10. "If ur lucky" — I'm thinking the only lucky person in this situation is the one who dodges a bullet by swiping left on you.
u/Pretend_Dependent_60 / Via

11. Ah yes, a nice guy who (checks notes) uses the word "pussy" and decides he doesn't want to settle down because he just wants to live. Definitely not a fuckboy in disguise!
u/heimatlosenfriedhof / Via

12. Started off strong with the first sentence, then immediately shot himself in the foot.
u/its_andi_with_an_i / Via

13. It's not just men. I don't know why this woman thought "Tinder keeps giving me uglies" was a good thing to write in her bio.
u/[deleted] / Via

14. This woman straight-up told people *not* to match with her?
u/CarterMT099 / Via

15. This whole profile is just a big YIKES.
u/detBittenbinder23 / Via

16. Ever wondered what Rupi Kaur would sound like as a Nice Guy?
u/[deleted] / Via

17. There might be a *reason* you're in the friend zone.
u/airneanach / Via

18. I've stared at this for so long scratching my head. What does "I'm that dude your ex's mom warned him about" even mean?? Like, he's saying your hypothetical ex was into him? Or just saying he was a bully on the schoolyard and your hypothetical ex's mom told your hypothetical ex to stay away from him because he was a creep? How is that alluring?
u/catsnothats / Via

19. But this woman who "doesn't date outside her race" might take the cake.
u/JuanDomingoPeron / Via

20. "Must hold conservative core values" and also be "open minded"?? I'm confused.
u/kabukistar / Via

21. This is not your soapbox to be bigoted; it's a dating app.
u/ghoozi / Via

22. Why are you ranting about snowflakes on Tinder?
u/My_Name_Is_Ana / Via

23. Sir, this is a Wendy's.
u/isyourBBQcanceled / Via

24. Well...thank god chivalry still exists.
u/trashtina666 / Via

25. I hope this person is trolling, but even if they are, they sound like a POS.
u/EnvironmentalPlum8 / Via

26. This is such an effective bio, because I immediately know whether I want to meet this person. The answer, if you were wondering, is absolutely no way in hell.
u/PracticalSnail / Via

27. You know what? She did make it easy, I'll give that to her.
u/[deleted] / Via

28. I...have no words.
u/Kerrypurple / Via

29. Ladies, if you see a bio like
u/[deleted] / Via

30. I am once again asking men who clearly hate women to stop dating women.
u/avajax / Via

31. And finally, here's a reallly old-fashioned dating profile. Not only because of its offensive, outdated values, but because it's literally printed on paper.
u/phisigtheduck / Via

What's the worst thing you've seen on a dating profile? Let us know in the comments!

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