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Blueberries Are The Best Morning Yogurt Ingredient To Prevent Inflammation, According To Dietitians

By Faith Geiger,


When it comes to healthy breakfasts, yogurt is among the best options out there. It’s filled with probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome, it’s high in protein, and it can support healthy weight loss. Another great thing about this food is the fact that it provides a blank slate for practically any sort of topping your heart desires. However, some ingredients are healthier than others. While it’s probably best not to load your morning bowl of yogurt with chocolate chips, for example, there are definitely some great, healthy options that can take your breakfast to the next level. In fact, there’s one tasty yogurt topping that experts swear by for preventing inflammation: blueberries.

We spoke to Trista Best, dietitian for Balance One , to learn more about the health benefits of adding this high-fiber fruit to your yogurt. She told us that the fiber, vitamin C, and more can help you keep inflammation at bay all while enjoying a delicious treat. Find all of her insight below!


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There’s so much to love about berries: they’re delicious, they’re full of fiber, they make a great snack on their own or a fantastic ingredient in a range of recipes–and they’re also a delicious anti-inflammatory yogurt topping. Blueberries, in particular, are packed with antioxidants and offer a range of health benefits, especially when it comes to reducing inflammation.

“Blueberries are nutrient-dense, meaning they are low in calories and high in nutrients,” Best tells us, pointing out that “just one cup of blueberries contains 4 grams of fiber and almost 25% of the RDI for vitamin C.” Incredible!

She explains that these berries owe a lot of their anti-inflammatory properties to their high fiber content. “The high fiber content helps remove toxins from the body and keeps the bowels regular, both of which reduce inflammation and weight,” she says. But the Vitamin C helps, too: “It likely goes without saying that the vitamin C content is great for immune health, but also acts as an antioxidant to remove toxins from the body.”

And when you eat foods that can help you get rid of all those toxins and keep inflammation to a minimum, you may see a range of benefits in your wellbeing. “This toxin removal benefits overall health by preventing cellular damage that leads to chronic diseases like cancer and obesity,” Best lists.

It’s also worth noting that blueberries have a low glycemic index, which means you don’t have to worry about them spiking your blood sugar like some other sweet yogurt toppings might, which could lead to a myriad of health issues over time. All in all, berries like these (and many other fruits) make a fantastic addition to your morning yogurt. But Best notes that you can enjoy them in many other ways, too. “Since blueberries can be eaten alone, as a topping, as an ingredient, fresh or frozen they are easily integrated into just about any dietary pattern,” she concludes.

We’ll definitely be putting them in our yogurt… and just about anything else we can top with them, too!

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