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DeSantis proposes Diversity & Inclusion initiatives ban in Florida

By Mark ReardonThe Mark Reardon Show,


Former Missouri Senator, Jim Talent, joins Mark Reardon to discuss DeSantis's proposed ban on Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in Florida schools & an update on the war in Ukraine nearing its one-year mark.

“The ideal of this country is based on the organic worth of people as individuals. So what we should be trying to do is to look at people insofar as we can without regard to race. And critical race theory is exactly the opposite. That's all it sees. It reduces people to that one identity marker and that demeans their humanity. It's really, it's wrong and it's really dangerous,” said Talent.

The former Senator continued, “Part of critical race theory is teaching people that if you're white, you have this evil in you. It's re-racializing. It's just turning it around and doing it to a different race. I mean it's and it's wrong for all the reasons racism is wrong. Chief among which is that it reduces really complex Valuable people have tremendous dignity because of their humanity down to one identity marker.

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