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Fans (And Writers) Rally Around Dave Bautista After Marvel Star Says No One Will Cast Him In A Rom-Com

By Dirk Libbey,


When you’re a former professional wrestler trying to make it in Hollywood who looks like Dave Bautista, it’s not exactly a shock that he tends to get casts in movies where that require him to do a lot of physical action. However, that doesn’t mean Bautista hasn’t had a varied career . He’s spoken frequently about how he chooses roles and has tried to build a unique career when compared to others who came before him. Unfortunately, one genre Bautista has yet to break into is the rom-com.

In a recent interview Dave Bautista expressed his interest in doing a romantic comedy at some point, but lamented that thus far he hasn’t found a film willing to cast him. However, he may have discovered help in that arena. Upon learning the news that Bautista can’t land a rom-com, not only are fans on Twitter supporting the idea, but some writers say they’d love to write the movie for him.

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I mean, if Bautista is having trouble getting somebody to cast him in a romantic comedy the best possible thing would likely be to get somebody to write one with him in mind. That way, the character could be written in such a way that it would be difficult for anybody else to play him. If the problem is that people don’t see a guy who looks like a pro wrestler as a romantic lead, that could literally become part of the story.

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And honestly, why hasn’t Dave Bautista been cast in a romantic comedy? While he has certainly played more action-heavy roles in his career, he has shown that he is capable of a lot more. He's possibly the best actor among former wrestlers that we've seen. In movies like Blade Runner 2049 and the new Knock at the Cabin Bautista has shown he can do more dramatic work, and in everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Stuber we’ve seen that Buatista can be funny , so he’s halfway there already. There’s no reason to believe he can’t also be romantic.

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Dave Bautista certainly doesn’t look like your standard movie heartthrob, but I’m not sure anybody would classify him as unattractive. To be sure, he’s a guy that spent the first part of his career looking incredible while wearing almost no clothing. I know many women who happened to find that very appealing at the time.

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Maybe, with the fact that Dave Bautista wants to do a rom-com now amplified due to these comments, Hollywood will seriously consider him for such a role. He could be absolutely fantastic and it’s a movie I for one would absolutely love to see.  Hopefully, we'll be able to add a rom-com to Dave Buatista's upcoming movies list before too long.

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