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These 19 Men Who Felt Entitled To A Woman Make Me Want To Scream "She Doesn't Owe You Anything" Off Every Rooftop In Existence

By Molly Capobianco,


1. This guy who expected a date after cleaning off a woman’s table:
GeishaTwink / Via

2. This guy who expected matches on a dating app after bragging about helping old people and — something every woman looks for in a man — asking "barista[s] how their weekend was":
LadyLazarusRed / Via

3. This firefighter who left this note in a woman's car door handle at the grocery store, insulted her clothes, and STILL expected a date because he’s a firefighter:

The note reads: "Not trying to be weird. I do apologize for this, but I couldn't wait. I am a firefighter, and despite those sweatpants, I find you attractive. Text me if you are single. I'm a firefighter, and I'm at work hence I couldn't wait!"

bitchimclassy / Via

4. This guy who expected sex because he bought a woman flowers and dinner:
Grimaldaaq / Via

5. This guys who expected a woman to be interested in him because he completed a very made-up checklist about what women want:
houseofreturn / Via

6. This guy who thought calling a woman "a pretty trophy" was a good thing and that it would definitely lead to a positive response:
Many_County_7636 / Via

7. This guy who expected sex because he allegedly has a private jet and a $300 million crypto company:
sly_sista / Via

8. The guy who expected multiple dates for buying a woman's chair off of Facebook Marketplace:
becausetheinternet- / Via

9. This guy who expected a relationship because he knew her "for years" and "yearned" for her:
rawrnosaures / Via

10. This guy who thought he had "earned" a woman for opening the door for her every day:
FenrirIII / Via

11. This guy who expected a second date because he's not married, a felon, or "does things to women on first dates without their permission":
Your_Moms_Strap_On / Via

12. This guy who expected "goodbye sex" because he got a haircut and bought steak:
toyvox / Via

13. This guy who expected that handing out tissues and offering his condolences would get him a date:
yasyark / Via

14. This anti-masker who expected a date after being catfished by someone else with this woman's pictures:
ColdIceAngel / Via

15. This guy who expected a date after approaching a complete stranger and offering her food and coffee:
Throwaway-0364 / Via

16. This "doctor" who expected a date from this woman because he supposedly had a dream about her:
klynne23 / Via
klynne23 / Via

17. This for-sure-not-racist-and-sexist guy who thought he deserved women because he knows about real estate and "has hobbies":
FenrirIII / Via

18. This guy who expected a date with a complete stranger at the gym after possibly tripping her (who can be sure who put those weights there?):
nyxnars / Via

19. And finally, this guy who thought he would get dates as long as he didn't send any dick pics:
SpokenDivinity / Via

H/T: r/niceguys and r/justneckbeardthings

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