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27 Screenshots Of People Who Had ONE JOB And Still Blew It In The Worst Way Possible

By Kayla Yandoli,


1. This person, who set up this iPhone 14 that was actually full of iPhone 13 information:
u/AppleGuySL / Via

2. This person, who wrote out this furniture assembly packet that gave so many mixed messages when it came down to tools:
u/dankduck75 / Via

3. This person, who made this sign at a gym that was formatted in the strangest way:
u/Unhappy_Earth_207 / Via

4. This person, who accidentally covered an ice rink with random computer code:
u/pusisson / Via

5. This person, who hung up a huge route sign upside down on Australian transit:
u/Hyper_Pyper / Via

6. This person, who wrote a note for a hotel telling guests that they couldn't use their HDMI ports:
u/4reddityo / Via

7. This person, who neglected to remember Feb. 25 on the February 2023 calendar:
u/Yoshichu25 / Via

8. This person, who put up a sign urging students not to tape anything on the walls...using tape:
u/iL0gan54 / Via

9. This person, who wrote LED bulb directions that were just wayyyyy off the mark:
u/ItsaSnap / Via

10. This person, who packaged a pair of socks that clearly weren't meant to be together:
u/gloomyhalloumi / Via

11. This person, who gave people two conflicting sets of directions when it came down to paying in cash:
u/PointiestStick / Via

12. This person, who put an incorrect angle on the cover of a notepad:
u/provider_of_seeweed / Via

13. This person, who listed all birthdays in February save for the 29th (poor leap year babies!!!):
u/One-Satisfaction4072 / Via

14. This person, who defined "charlady" in the laziest, least clear way possible:
u/Richroyrich / Via

15. This person, who assembled an empty sealed bag that's actually supposed to be filled with cheese:
u/bh-alienux / Via

16. This person, who delivered a package with a huge sign that read, "FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE," and...well, you can see what happened:
u/RangoTheMerc / Via

17. This person, who printed "sample text" all over an umbrella handle instead of the language the company intended:
u/JoanneCorrie / Via

18. And this person, who got caught up in the same "sample text" drama:
u/moshake_ / Via

19. This person, who hung a stop sign upside down that most likely left drivers everywhere confused as heck:
u/R0boBurrito / Via

20. This person, who didn't spell-check the advertisement they wrote for a children's toy:
u/JohnnyDarter / Via

21. This person, who curated a sign that read, "WIRELE INTERNET" instead of "WIRELESS INTERNET" (which, oh god, bothers me to no end):
u/TAMEFAZ69 / Via

22. This person, who misprinted a sign that read, "OPEN 24/7 DAYS OPEN NIGHTS TOO" instead of "OPEN 24 HOURS/7 DAYS A WEEK":
u/Poppunknerd182 / Via

23. This person, who didn't promote an upcoming musical for their theater company in the smartest way:
u/Linguini_gang / Via

24. This person, who totally muffed up the spelling all over a notebook:
u/yeeyeedong9159 / Via

25. This person, who printed labels that'd be anything but helpful for sending out packages:
u/AgentGiga / Via

26. This person, who tried really hard to get their restaurant into the holiday spirit but failed miserably:
u/l00rk / Via

27. And finally: this person, who assembled a misleading crosswalk sign that I'm 99.9% sure bothered any and every pedestrian on the corner:
u/ReVeRb64 / Via

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