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‘1923’s Brandon Sklenar Has His Own Theories About the Dutton Family Tree

By Shelby Scott,

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Since 1883 aired in December of 2021, there has been tons of speculation regarding the Dutton family tree and Kevin Costner’s John Dutton ancestors. Most recently, there’s been a ton of debate about whether Jack Dutton, the son of Audi Rick and James Badge Dale’s John Dutton Sr., is the grandfather to Costner’s character, or whether that role belongs to Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton. Ahead of 1923‘s midseason premiere, Sklenar spoke out about his own theories regarding the consistently developing Dutton family tree.

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Sadly, in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Sklenar didn’t have a whole lot of insight to share about the Dutton family tree’s specifics. Instead, he spoke about creator Taylor Sheridan’s vision of the Duttons’ lineage versus his own theories, which he did not share at the time.

“It’s something that Taylor is keeping very close to the vest,” the 1923 star told the outlet regarding the debate surrounding John Dutton III’s grandfather. He said, “I have my own theories, but it’s to be told, to be written, to be seen. He’s always moving all that stuff around.”

This ‘1883’ Character Gives Fans a Major Clue About the Duttons’ Lineage

That said, 1923 fans were given a major clue about John Dutton III’s predecessor during the series premiere episode. The first few moments hear 1883‘s Elsa Dutton reflect, “My father had three children. Only one would live to see their own children grow. Only one would carry the fate of this family through the Depression, and every other hell the twentieth century hurled at them.”

At this point in 1923, both Elsa and John Dutton are dead, hence leaving the fate of the Dutton family up to Spencer. However, again, we can also look to Jack Dutton—at least for now—for the continuation of the Dutton family tree.

Take a peek at Outsider‘s take on the Dutton family tree below.

Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dutton Family Tree: ‘Yellowstone’ ‘1923’ and ‘1883’ Character Connections (

Tune in to the midseason premiere of 1923 to see what comes next for Jack, Spencer, and Jacob and Cara Dutton.

Brandon Sklenar Teases Major ‘Shift’ for ‘1923’ Moving Forward

Dutton family tree aside, the rest of 1923 as a series will soon see some significant transitions in both storylines and characters. Brandon Sklenar also spoke out about these upcoming shifts during his recent interview.

Looking ahead at the rest of the season, Sklenar told the outlet, “I can say there is not only a definite shift in the story itself, but also in him as a person from this moment forward. It’s the hero’s journey, and his calling to go home does propel the story.”

The hero’s journey home, however, will not be an easy one. Boarding a ship with his new fiancée, Spencer prepares for what will likely become the fight of his life. Take a peek at 1923‘s preview for the remainder of the season to see what comes next for Spencer, Alex, and the rest of the Dutton family.

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