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17 Creepy "One In A Million" Images That Will Probably Leave You Feeling Unsettled

By Crystal Ro,


1. Like this bizarre doomsday cloud formation that someone saw in the skies of Bursa:
u/anivia3346 / Via

2. Or these strange, inexplicable lights that showed up in the sky over Jeju, South Korea:
snap2 / Via

3. This worrying sign someone found in the woods that depicts a person jumping over a bunch of hands:
quadriplegicswimteam / Via

4. This peek-a-boo giant clown balloon I would rather not see out my own window:
u/FishWithFangs / Via

5. Or this super creepy (and very large?!) mannequin that looks like its waving from an abandoned barn:
u/CypressWest17 / Via

6. This person's vein that turns at a 90 degree angle (how and why is this happening?!):
u/mdakramaq / Via

7. This creepy face left on a couch after someone's five-year-old child was crying on it:
MedicMalfunction / Via

8. This footprint someone found on their bed after they came home from work (that was not from themselves):
u/LexiLaLa324 / Via

9. This scary spider that looks like it has a human skull face:
jrkraj1 / Via

10. The inside of this cabbage that looks like a long, creepy hallway to nowhere:
6ex_God / Via

11. This creepy little Christmas tree in the middle of the woods that's fully decorated and powered for some reason:
ygtjf / Via

12. This nightmarish "Lego" face someone found while sorting out a box of toys:
kitherarin / Via

13. This creepy rabbit face that someone found in their coffee:
laluminyx / Via

14. This creepy baby face in the middle of this tree trunk:
_Ozzymandias_ / Via

15. This, uh, "Pikachu" costume that probably left these kids with nightmares:
u/Other-Cup-588 / Via

16. This lamp, yes...A LAMP...someone made out of their X-Rays

canwedoitagain / Via

17. And finally, whatever the heck is going on in this image:
u/Dilballah / Via
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