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VIDEO: Here's What Mike Woodson Said After Indiana's Loss to Maryland

By Jack Ankony,


Indiana coach Mike Woodson met with the media after Tuesday night's loss to Maryland, which ended a five-game winning streak. Here's the full video of his press conference, plus the transcript to read.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Indiana's five-game winning streak came to an end on Tuesday night at Maryland in a 66-55 loss. Shooting 37.5 percent as a team, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson were the only Hoosiers to finish in double figures.

Here's what Indiana coach Mike Woodson said after the game.

QUESTION: What do you feel the biggest issues were with not getting anybody besides Trayce going offensively?

MIKE WOODSON: Well we couldn't make shots. You've got to give them credit, too. I mean, I thought 2-2-1 [zone press] didn't hurt us, but it didn't allow us to freelance and play. We got the ball up the court, and then we just became lackluster. We couldn't make shots. Our perimeter play was non-existent tonight, and you know, we haven't had it like that in a while. So I mean, we've just got to regroup. I thought defensively we put so much pressure on our defense to get stops. You know, they shoot 30 percent or 20-something percent from three, you've got to think you that you can win a game when that happens and out-rebound them. I mean, we couldn't find any offense.

Q: With you backcourt struggling, is there anything you can point to and say, 'This is the key reason?'

WOODSON: Well again, they haven't struggled like that all at one time. We get one maybe two playing pretty well at the same time, but tonight nobody really played well from the perimeter, I didn't think.

Q: What do you say to Jalen [Hood-Schifino] after a game like that where he struggles?

WOODSON: Hey, shit happens, man, hey, you ain't going to make shots all the time. I thought some of the shots he was pressing a little bit too, you know, try to keep us in it. But hey, he'll bounce back. He's had too many good games for that to take him down.

Q: What was it about the game that didn't allow you to get into a rhythm offensively?

WOODSON: Well, the zone, which we've seen plenty of zone and have had some success. I thought tonight when shots were kicked out, we just didn't have a lot of really good looks. I thought we missed some shots around the rim, but we were awful offensively, so I've got to get us in a better place.

Q: What about the zone – maybe specific to the guards and maybe slowing down sort of the rhythm of getting it down to Trayce, letting it flow around him – could you guys just not figure out?

WOODSON: Well again, when we got it inside against the zone, it was more the man-to-man. When they did decide to play us man-to-man, we just couldn't execute. We didn't execute, and we haven't done that in a long time.

Q: On your defense in a lower-possession game, sometimes you guys have a little trouble defending without fouling as far as the number of free throw attempts opponents are getting. Is that how games are officiated? Is that something your guys need to adjust to?

WOODSON: Listen, I'm not going to get into the officiating because again, the bottom line is this team shoots a lot of free throws here at home, and it was obvious again tonight. You look at the stat sheet and I see 29 to 12, I mean, come on man. It's two physical teams, it can't be that lopsided.

Q: What kind of trouble was your team having with the press, and what do you need to do be doing to combat that?

WOODSON: We didn't have any, it just slowed us down. We didn't throw the ball away against the press, not that many times. We had 12 turnovers, so I mean the press didn't hurt us in terms of getting the ball up. It was just our lack of execution, and we've got to be better. I've got to get us better.

Q: Does that make it harder to get into your sets, though, when it is slowing you down getting you across?

WOODSON: No, I mean we still had enough time to execute. We didn't execute and we didn't make shots. That's a bad combination

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