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21 Screenshots Of Tinder, Bumble, And Hinge Conversations That Had A Brutal Start — Like, I Can't Believe People Sent These Messages

By Liz Richardson,


1. This suuuuuper unfortunate typo:
u/Okay-sweet / Via

2. This person who thought this "bad boy" intro would be enticing:
u/dickeyclubhouse / Via

3. This Tinder match who sent a compliment...only to get roasted in response:
u/Gabbb612 / Via

4. This person who announced that he has a15–20-minute time limit for his matches to respond to his messages:
u/wheressunshine / Via

5. These matches who both have a lot to say to each other:
u/mushplomplom4 / Via

6. This Hinge match who started off wholesome, but of course, that didn't last for long:
u/Miruzzz5 / Via

7. This match who might be just looking for a free Uber ride:
u/Im_really_friendly / Via

8. This rude person who matched with someone just to tell them this:
u/Affectionate_Bad_255 / Via

9. This person who tried to be flirty, but instead found out why they're single:
u/natural_hunter / Via

10. These bizarre exchanges that actually...worked?:
u/boxkickin / Via

11. This person who asked for a rating (why???) and got an actual answer:
u/andromeda3835 / Via

12. This person who unknowingly matched with two roommates and used the same pickup line on both of them:
u/basedposeidon77 / Via

13. This match who gave wayyyy too much concerning information in their first reply:
u/Night_Media / Via

14. This person who tried to be friendly, but was quickly dismissed:
u/PeteyPete2007 / Via

15. This opener that turned into a chaotic conversation with a surprise ending:
u/theblindfold04 / Via
u/theblindfold04 / Via

16. This person tried to make conversation, but it didn't go over well:
u/Meze_Meze / Via

17. This match who was extremely unpleasant from start to finish:
u/Taycamgame / Via

18. This Bumble match who said a whoooooole lot at once — and never got a reply:
u/Queasy_Ad_9714 / Via

19. This person who's just jokin' around:
u/Apendigo80 / Via

20. This confusing conversation that ended fairly quick:
u/Icy_Lengthiness_7242 / Via

21. And finally, these Tinder matches, who just met...but I think they already hate each other:
u/trumps-toilet / Via

Well. What's the most shocking pickup line or opener you've seen on a dating app? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: r/Tinder and r/Bumble .

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