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Disneyland Makes a Price Cut Disney World Won't Follow

By Danni Button,


After a hike in admission costs, one Disney park is looking for ways to save guests money.

Visiting a Disney park isn't exactly known as a cheap experience. Guests can save up for months and even years to spend a couple of days visiting one of the six resorts worldwide. Sure, a visit to a Disney park will be much more expensive than a trip to, say, Six Flags. But for generations, Disney has offered the luxury experience when it comes to theme parks -- guests can enjoy immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind rides that cost billions of dollars to build and maintain.

Fortunately, a trip to Disney comes with lots of ways to relive the experience once you've left the park. Pictures and video clips of a guest's favorite live shows and interactions with favorite characters will often bring back these priceless memories. And of course, Disney parks have a whole range of souvenirs guests can purchase to keep that magic feeling long after the trip is over.

In 2022, two of Disney's most popular parks, Disney World and Disneyland, have had to raise prices due to national inflation . Under the leadership of former Disney ( DIS ) - Get Free Report CEO Bob Chapek, the company raised both admission and food and beverage prices , making that Disney trip just a little harder to save for. But now that Bob Iger is back in charge of the House of Mouse, the two parks are finding ways to save guests money.


Disneyland Cuts Souvenir Lightsaber Cost, Disney World Does Not

Some cost-cutting measures vary based on the park or resort experience. In the latest example, Disneyland in California has reduced the price of two of its most popular Star Wars-themed experiences. Savi’s Workshop, which allows guests to build their own custom lightsaber, is now $219, $30 less than its original price. The same park’s Droid Depot, where guests create their own droid, now costs $20 less at $99. According to cast sources at Blog Mickey , the change is exclusive to Disneyland. No word yet on why this change is only hitting Disney’s California park or if Disney World will follow suit in the future.

Lowering the cost of major souvenirs isn't the only way Disney parks are looking to help guests cut down on park costs. Earlier this month, the company announced that it would bring back free parking for hotel guests. For Star Wars fans, Disney also now offers discounts for 'Galactic Starcruiser' guests who book a hotel before or after the experience.

One Disney Star Wars Experience Struggles to Succeed

Disney's Star Wars park experiences have been incredibly popular, making it sometimes difficult to book space for a ride or experience. But it's Star Wars-themed "Galactic Starcruiser" hotel experience is having the exact opposite problem. The two-night "land cruise" experience was highly anticipated by die-hard Star Wars fans -- but for $5,000 or more, it's a luxury experience that many fans simply can't afford.

Last week, Disney announced that it was forced to cancel several Galactic Starcruiser dates in the summer and fall months due to low occupancy, which could be a troubling sign for the hotel's future. As Disney's U.S. parks adjust for inflation and price-conscious guests, the company may have to make some changes to the Galactic Starcruiser experience in order to keep it going.

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