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‘This is 13 years of raising kids’: Mom makes shocking discovery inside couch

By Kidspot,


TikToker Kacie is a busy mum juggling four kids and running her own business, so the shocking discovery she made inside her sofa recently… kind of makes sense.

As her family was rummaging around searching for the TV remote, they looked in all the usual spots including in between the cushions of the couch.

After no luck, they somehow landed on the conclusion that it must have fallen down the back of the couch.

And in a bizarre move – which we still don’t really understand – they decided to cut open the back of the sofa in order to look for the remote.

It begs the question of how a remote could magically travel inside the fabric of a couch , but with kids, anything is possible so we’ll suspend our disbelief for now.

What she found inside really makes a lot of us, and our mess, feel seen.

The viral clip now has over 3.6 million views and was captioned, “When you go hunting for the remote and end up performing emergency surgery on your sofa… only to find the most dreadful abyss that is 13 years of raising children. 🤢”

The video starts by showing Kacie sitting on the floor behind the couch. She’s holding a knife and begins slicing open the bottom of the couch.

She makes a long incision from one side of the couch to the other and then gently pulls back the fabric to see what’s inside.

Prepare your eyeballs…

Because a giant collection of lost kids’ toys and rubbish topple out.

Kacie is visibly shocked saying “OMG!! That’s disgusting”, while someone off-camera yells, “What is THAT?!”

The filmer jokes, “It’s like an unboxing!”

Her son then walks into the frame and casually pulls out his long-lost Superman toy and holds it up to the camera, ecstatic at the reunion.

Kacie also retrieves one of her baby’s dummies, seemingly dumbfounded at how it got there.

Meanwhile, we’re just left wondering, did they find the remote?!
Viewers found the video hilarious.

Viewers were in hysterics over the relatable post.

One woman wrote, “Wait, do a couch haul! What’s in there?”

“Okay, but the real secret is how did you keep the same couch for 13 years with kids?” another person joked.

“I would have left it all there and acted like it didn’t exist,” someone else admitted.

A different fan quipped, “It looks like a couch cesarean section.”

“This is so disgusting, I can’t even watch the full clip,” one viewer cringed.

“Just imagine the little critters in that pile, 🤮” added another critic.

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