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Adam Schefter Shares Possible Trade Plan For Aaron Rodgers, Packers

By Nick Kosko,

(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared the latest possible trade plan for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers’ future was up in the air immediately after the regular season concluded. Retirement, a return to Green Bay or a trade are all possibilities.

But, Schefter detailed what it would take to trade Rodgers away from Green Bay and revealed where he could go.

“I do think that the idea of this trade is a real possibility,” Schefter said on The Pat McAfee Show. “We don’t know how the Rodgers situation is going to play out. All I can say is there are enough people who think that it’s a real possibility that he’s going to be traded this offseason. There are people who do think that that’s going to happen now.

“For all we know, the two sides are gonna sit down and they’re gonna figure out something and they’re going to discuss a way for both sides to move forward together and he stays in Green Bay. That’s possible.”

However, Schefter explained Rodgers’ potential mindset. The two sides could come together and decide a mutually beneficial move would be a trade out of town.

Could the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers?

“But it’s also possible that they sit down, have the talk, both sides are open and honest with each other, and both sides decide, ‘You know what? There’s a window here to make a trade happen with the way the contract is structured, and it would take place this year, and this would be the time for everybody, for as much respect as both sides have, to move on now,’” Schefter said.

“I believe, and there are reasons I believe, that it would make the most sense for them to trade him in the AFC. That would be the more likely path if that’s what both sides decide. And I still believe that.”

Winning back-to-back NFL MVP honors in 2020 and 2021, Rodgers finished the 2022 season with 3,695 passing yards, 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His 12 interceptions were the most since his first full season as a starter in 2008, too.

“Do I still think I can play?” Rodgers said. “Of course. Of course. Can I play at a high level? Yeah, the highest. I think I can win MVP again, in the right situation.”

If the Packers trade Rodgers, Jordan Love would be the presumed starter in 2023 while the future Hall of Famer gets a crack at another Super Bowl elsewhere.

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