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19 People Who Got Roasted So Hard It's Going To Ruin Their Whole Damn 2023

By Mike Spohr,


It's still a new year, folks, but some people have already spent it getting absolutely ROASTED.

Here are a bunch of poor souls — some famous, some not — who have recently taken some serious shots:

1. First, this would-be palindrome expert:
u/Kristoffel123 / Via

2. And comedian Patton Oswalt — who after dominating on Celebrity Jeopardy! — got put in his place by his brother:

holy shit was every category either STAR WARS or SKIN RASHES?

@MattOswaltVA 04:55 AM - 13 Jan 2023

3. This "player" who probably wishes they could have seen this response coming:
u/ZombieAlternative834 / Via

4. Elon Musk, who walked into this devastating but fair roast:

@elonmusk 12 months ago most people didn't know how unhinged you were.

@ChrisDJackson 02:46 AM - 04 Jan 2023

5. And, what the hell, Elon again (believe me, I showed restraint by only including two of his):
u/1Hate17Here / Via

6. This person who tried cooking steak for the first time and found out real fast they shouldn't have:

@StokeyyG2 What did you cook that under? A heated argument?

@AvfcFella 09:55 AM - 21 Jan 2023

7. Drake, who probably lays awake thinking about this one:
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / Via

8. And Ivanka Trump, who might want to call Drake to commiserate over their epically on-point roastings:
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / Via

9. The dorm mates who dared to use this (slightly unhinged) person's microwave without permission:
u/The-Cannibal-Hermit / Via

10. This ex-girlfriend who suddenly has a lot to think about:

11. Texas governor Greg Abbott, who made the mistake of piling on struggling Dallas Cowboys' kicker Brett Maher:

@GregAbbott_TX You can’t even kick on the light switch for us in winter.

@BOXINGnBBQ 12:47 AM - 23 Jan 2023

12. This woman who could've been roasted for literally everything going on in her room, but got it for her name instead:
u/trolow / Via

13. And this guy who didn't realize how badly he'd told on himself:
u/lucynyu13 / Via

14. Billie Eilish (who I actually think would laugh at this if she saw it):
u/TheJackLoaf / Via

15. This bean bag-shaped mayonnaise-filled man:
u/floweryconduit / Via

16. This person who is probably still not recovered from getting roasted like this last December:
u/AndresTheGiant / Via

17. This believer who found out fast that one thing atheists believe in is absolutely incinerating dumb comments:
u/LonginglyPainful / Via

18. And finally, no collection of recent roasts would be complete without Andrew Tate...who I'm certain regrets poking Greta Thunberg:

yes, please do enlighten me. email me at

@GretaThunberg 11:07 AM - 28 Dec 2022

19. Ditto for this tough guy who tried to come for Greta in the comments, but really should have sat this one out:

@akafacehots @GretaThunberg You quite literally play video games for a living.

@mbyhoff 05:24 PM - 28 Dec 2022

H/T: r/rareinsults

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