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17 Objects So Strangely Large, I Had To Double Check The Pictures Weren't Photoshopped

By Audrey Engvalson,


1. This gigantic toad found recently in Australia that's six pounds and aptly named "Toadzilla."
Queensland Department Of Environ / Reuters

2. The size of this hail from Texas that's a hail no from me.
u/fuckmeuntilicecream / Via

3. These coconut crabs that are a species I was introduced to at the zoo when my mom told me she read a theory that they ate Amelia Earhart (yup, they eat meat).
u/ulcerrator / Via

4. This bird poop from a great blue heron next to an adult's flip flop that will make you want to carry an umbrella everywhere you go.
u/ChrisWithWings / Via

5. Michelangelo's "David," which I guess I had no idea was that tall???
Friends of Florence / Via

6. This elephant seal that is using its size to take its wharf back.
BBC Earth / Via

7. This windmill that definitely doesn't look that big when you drive past it.
u/Aztery / Via

8. And this blade for a windmill that makes this full-size sedan look like a Hot Wheels car.

9. This tortoise that you can't convince me isn't an actual dinosaur.
u/Far-Double-1760 / Via

10. This bald eagle nest that looks like it could fit this human (and probably this human's bed set) comfortably.
Great Big Story / Via

11. This giant cone that has no right to be as tall as a human.
u/scubachubby / Via

12. This earthworm that looks more like a snake.
u/YoBooMaFoo / Via

13. This warehouse that's so big, it gets foggy.
u/FridayCicero702 / Via

14. This species of rabbit called a Flemish Giant Rabbit that can grow up to 2.5 feet long.
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

15. This Brussels sprout that's trying to fool everyone into thinking its a small cabbage.
u/nolifequeenseras / Via

16. This humpback whale who wanted to give you a friendly reminder that you're nothing but a little pea on the earth.

17. Finally, these ominous curtains that make you wonder, " They make fabric that big? "
u/Many_Koala9660 / Via
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