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Could the Bulls trade Coby White for Jae Crowder?

By Stephen Beslic,


The Chicago Bulls may be looking to trade Coby White for Jae Crowder. Find out why and what it could mean for the team.

Phoenix Suns forward Jae Crowder appears to be the most popular player when it comes to trade rumors, and one of them involves a possible exchange for Chicago Bulls point guard Coby White. While this is a difficult trade to make, it's not impossible. The Suns would likely be interested in the younger White as he could improve their backcourt while they pursue more playoff success. The Bulls, on the other hand, could use a veteran leader like Crowder to shake things up and give them the edge they need to make a playoff push. So, could these two teams pull off a deal?

No traction

According to a report from the Action Network’s Matt Moore, the Bulls and the Suns have made initial contact about a potential trade involving White and Crowder but have yet to make any progress.

"The Bulls and Suns have had conversations about a deal involving Coby White for Jae Crowder in recent weeks, but no real traction is thought to be present," said Moore in his report.

One reason why it may be difficult to make this trade happen is the differences in salaries between the two players. White makes $7.4 million this season, while Crowder is earning $10.1 million, so it would require some creative maneuvering for a deal to work out financially for both teams.

Headed to Milwaukee?

To add more elements to the equation, it seems that the Milwaukee Bucks are adamant about acquiring Crowder. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Bucks have been granted permission to speak to Crowder about a trade, and the offer on the table appears to include young forward Jordan Nwora as well as veterans George Hill and Serge Ibaka, along with a second-round pick.

It remains to be seen whether the Bulls and Suns will be able to make a deal or if the Bucks will swoop in with their offer and take Crowder away. In any case, it's an interesting scenario that could have a significant impact on the involved teams.

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