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Laurel CVS closed due to plumbing issue


LAUREL - The deep freeze often spells troubles for pipes and that's definitely the case in Laurel, as the CVS Pharmacy on Southeast 4th Street is now closed after pipes burst.

Customers say the store had to close on Sunday and a CVS spokesperson says while it was opened on Monday, it is temporarily closed due to an unexpected plumbing issue.

CVS says any patients with immediate prescription needs can visit any CVS location, with the closest to Laurel being in Target on Central Avenue in Billings.

The unexpected closure has left some customers frustrated.

"I have my meds and stuff to pick up for me and my roommate," said Tammi Hendrix Jones. "And this is two days in a row that I haven't been able to get it."

"Just going to have to wait till tomorrow I guess and come back," said Lela Hall.

"I'm probably going to have to get my prescriptions transferred to a different pharmacy, get ahold of my doctor if it's still a problem next week," said Shawn Borninkhof.

According to a communications director with CVS, the store is expected to reopen on Tuesday.

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