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Reality star sparks debate about plane etiquette after remaining seated

By Chelsea Ritschel,


A reality star has sparked a debate about plane etiquette after she applauded herself for staying seated after landing, until it was time for her row to exit.

Batsheva Haart, who starred in My Unorthodox Life and who goes by the username @batshevahaart on TikTok , shared the video last month. In the clip, Haart could be seen sitting in a seat on a plane as she lip-sang the lyrics: “I’m so mature, I’m so mature,” from SZA’s “Kill Bill”.

“Sitting in my seat instead of standing up until it’s my row’s turn to deplane,” Haart wrote in a text caption on the video.

However, in the caption of the video, Haart added that the feat was “easier said than done”.

As of 30 January, the video has been viewed more than two million times, with viewers in the comments divided over whether plane passengers should remain seated until their row can exit the plane, or whether passengers who stand up to wait in their row are correct.

“Some people have layovers that are short and don’t have time to sit around and wait,” one person wrote, while another said: “I stand up to get ready to exit quickly. I can’t stand the people who could have stood up but then need two minutes to get moving.”

Someone else claimed that stretching also has something to do with the desire to stand after a plane ride, writing: “Some of us stand to stretch our backs. Has nothing to do with getting off sooner and hurts absolutely no one.”

Although many were in agreement that standing in one’s row is acceptable after a plane lands, others claimed that there is nothing worse than fellow passengers hovering over one another as they wait to exit.

“Thank you I CANNOT STAND when people start standing up and the door’s not even open,” one person claimed.

Another said: “Exactly. Never understood the rush to go… um… nowhere.”

“Thank you for doing this,” someone else said in a comment directed at Haart.

Although most viewers were divided down the middle about the plane etiquette, others claimed there are certain times when exceptions to the rules can be made, such as for those in aisle seats.

“Aisle seats are permitted to stand up in the aisle and WAIT their turn to exit,” one person claimed.

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